Aloha from Dr. Glen & Rae

Aloha from Dr. Glen & Rae

Feb 04, 2021

We continue making progress on all fronts here…

Right now, you can join me online at the February 6th 24 HR Summit to discover new wellness tools for the ‘wired and tired’… ranging from mindfulness and fitness to nutrition and anti-aging.

Learn more here:

Or you can book your seat here:

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We have new product formulations available, from Acetaldehyde Detox to Zinc Synergy…

You can find them in the store at, or on our new web store at

On, you can search by keyword to find related products.

If you need guidance, we now offer a free entry-level, so you can invite all your friends, family, and social media contacts to get started at our newest website at

We are also ready to start a pilot program for Group Coaching.

Group Coaching will allow us to help more people more efficiently, so the cost/benefit relationship will be optimized…

If you are not working with us but may want to, start by visiting

Watch the FREE on-demand webinar, after which you will be invited to schedule a FREE phone consultation with us to discover your goals and what we can achieve together…

In previous newsletters, we have introduced the Healy technology for frequency-specific microcurrents…

Healy technology is on sale again for the month of February, so if you are ready to purchase a unit now is the time.

Please confirm your interest and budget (between about $500 and $1500) right away by emailing me directly at [email protected] to get in on these time-sensitive savings of up to $1,000.

By the way, you can also find my blog channel now on TheSuccessNetwork.TV along with 2 dozen folk including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Jay Abraham here:

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