Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions

Jul 11, 2021

The more we know, the more questions we are able to pose about the nature of this world. Though our soul may live forever, we will sustain our state of awe and inspiration as we learn more Truth of what is… Feel free to request my contemplations in answer to any of these, or your own favorite questions. I am working on answering these, and am happy to prioritize my writing according to your interest.

In Theology, how is it that God is three persons, yet one individual? And if God is all good and omnipotent, why does God permit suffering? How can a dead human being be miraculously and instantaneously healed or even resurrected from the dead? What are the characteristics of the subtle body, and how do they relate to fundamental scientific observations of the nature of matter? Is Hell hot and Heaven cold? How do some saints bilocate, and food multiply? How can some saints levitate or fly? How does an occasional saintly prophet ascend to Heaven along with their body still alive? How did the Holy Ghost impregnate the Blessed Virgin Mary? And how was her body assumed into Heaven and reunited with her soul? What is the nature of God’s presence on Earth as the Shekinah Glory? What is the nature of the Holy Ghost? How does wheat trans-substantiate into the body and blood of the Christ? What is the nature of free will? What are virtues? What are sins? And how are they connected? And which ultimately exist, bearing an essence of life of their own within them? Who are the Doctors (teachers) of the Church and what can they teach us? Do similar stories in different faiths and cultures come from a common source? Does all creation show this pattern of fractal mathematics?

In Cosmology, was the universe created by a Big Bang bringing everything out of nothing, or can matter and energy only be transformed and never created or destroyed? Is the universe infinite? Is the universe in a stable steady-state or did it have a beginning? Will it have an end, and is it cyclic? Why do some phenomena act in reverse time? If there are black holes, what happens to the information (entropy) that enters them? Can entropy (increasing complexity of information) ultimately kill the universe? What are the effects of the plasma that fills space? Is the universe more electric than gravitational? What can cause redshifts? What can cause a cosmic microwave background? Are universal constants really universal? Are they really constant? How are there dozens of them ultra-tuned to permit our form of life? What are the chances? Does this universe exist because we perceive it? Are there other universes? Or is this a multiverse?

In Physics, what is the nature of the wave/particle duality? Does the photon have an anti-particle? What causes the arrow of time? Can time flow in reverse? Can causation flow in reverse time? Is there causation? What states of matter are known beyond solid, liquid and gas, where are they found and how do they work? If ORME condensates are 5/9 present as mass and 4/9 non-local relative to our more familiar states of matter, does the 9 represent a cube of 3-spaces, and are two of the three spatial dimensions of both the past and future typically non-local in this condensed state?

In Chemistry, is all matter really frozen light? Do photons control all chemical reactions? Do all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and hormones really change functional activity (turn on and off) with selected resonance frequencies of light? Are these the frequencies of light used in the laboratory to fingerprint these substances?

In Biology, how did life begin? Is there life in space? Can spores survive space travel? Is there inorganic life? Is the cosmos alive? Does life have a purpose? What defines the terrains where various diseases occur? Do soaps wash away elements of our conscious spirit body, as they wash away the protective oils and acid mantle of our integument? Do halogens, such as fluoride and chlorine, as well as antibiotics suppress consciousness as they suppress energy-producing mitochondria?

In Medicine, is the body intelligent? Is the body trying to kill itself, such as in cancer or auto-immune diseases? Is a symptom a sign of the body’s attempts to heal an underlying cause? How do we know what is causing a disease or a symptom? Are side effects of medication direct toxic effects? If a drug’s purpose is to heal disease, doesn’t that mean we will be able to stop taking it? Why do we talk more about disease management today than about healing or curing? Can toxins make us healthier? Does health insurance make us healthier? What is disease management? What are primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention? Which kind is most effective? What is the nature of the biological terrain? What is an anti-oxidant? What is pH? What is the role of light in the body? Why are many diseased tissues dark? What decreases longevity? What increases longevity? What affects the quality of life? What is the leading form of medicine in the world? Can we harmonize different models of medicine, like Western Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine? Do anti-inflammatory and steroid drugs disrupt the body-soul link resulting in loss of spiritual substance as anesthetics do?

In Psychology, does all consciousness come from the brain? Are other species conscious? Are plants sentient? Are fungi, our progenitors, sentient? How does non-local communication (e.g. prayer, ESP) work? Why is there no ESP only when the center of our galaxy is most directly overhead? Does the pineal eye receive communication? What signal does consciousness send out that results in quantum effects in reverse time? What is intelligence? Is sharper vision better? What are the effects of color?

In Education, what is the value of process versus product orientation? What is the Socratic method? What is experiential education? What is classical education? What are the benefits of a one-room schoolhouse? Does it take a village to raise a child? If no child is ‘left behind,’ who can get ahead? Why are there so many learning disabilities today? What is IQ? Can it change? What are our learning abilities? How can we improve them? What are the prerequisite sensory, motor, and integrative functions for cognition? How can we develop those?

In Philosophy, are there perennial truths? What are they? What are the common errors of logic?

In Mathematics, what is a fractal? What is imaginary? What is real? Can numbers really be real, or are they merely symbols? What is wholeness? Where did statistics come from?

In Linguistics, what is 'of the Truth'? How can we communicate with zero loss of meaning in translation?

In Law, what is the nature of Law? Is the heart of the law more important than the letter? What is Opinion? What is Code? Are we created as self-governing beings? What is Canon Law? What is the Church? Is the Church a government? Is Church law incomplete, having zero enforcement other than by each self and by natural consequences? Is natural law enforced? Must law and governance be based on violence, threat, duress, or coercion? What are the elements of a crime? Are we presumed innocent of all elements until proven guilty? Is presumption an error of logic? Is monopoly bad and a free market good? Is there a factual difference between government and monopoly? Is there a factual difference between a government and a protection racket? Is there a factual difference between Social Security and a Ponzi scheme? Does a Grand Jury still serve its original purpose?

In Economics, what is the nature of money? Who is Moneta? Is the love of money the root of all evil? What is a fiat dollar (F.R.N.) made of? Do transactions and exchanges really occur? Where does value come from? What store of value cannot be lost? What can we really own? What are the economics of abundance? What are the economics of infinite value? Where did insurance come from? Is it harmful to bet against ourselves?

I hope that some of the questions and answers I have found for myself will stimulate your own thinking… 

What is your favorite Big Question?