Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

Jul 11, 2021

The human mind wraps itself around the nature of all that is, this music of the spheres, and comes up with a model, a scribed score, a complete map of the 'all'. Well, almost all, or at least as much as we are able to take in and mentally organize. Modern science offers a spectacular array of theories about the nature of aspects of our world, but many of these are mutually incompatible.

When is a law of nature no longer a law? Can we contemplate that energy and matter can be converted but never created or destroyed, and still contemplate a Big Bang, the creation of Everything from Nothing? This is no more sensible than the fairly recent notion in Christianity of Sola Scriptura, the notion that all-important teaching is found in the Bible alone. Yet, this concept is found nowhere in the Bible… We must all think again… or go on missing the big picture.

Einstein’s gravity ruled grand cosmos keeps getting quirkier to fit our observations of reality, while the increasingly quirky microcosmos of quantum dynamics is ruled by electromagnetism with no clue about the nature of gravity. The quantum world is observably spiritual in nature and fundamentally built on consciousness. Viewing the universe through the macro lens of gravity, we only come to conclude that we cannot see most of what must be there. We can only ‘see’ dark energy, dark matter, black holes, and big bangs through the eye of the mind, in contemplation of natural law, just as our cultural world is dominated by fiat money, genetically modified organisms, synthetic medicines, invasive tertiary care, multi-national corporations and federations of layered hierarchies of worldly states with their millions of laws, regulations, and codes, reflects thinking upon entities many of which exist only in contemplation of man’s law, and most of which have questionable utility in the progress of souls.

What if all that is, is made of vortices? Toroidal vortices with homologous structures, large and small… in a fixed set of dimensions

Angels of this creation have three sets of wings. This is an old idea. Perhaps its time has come. I hope so.

One set of wings beats standing waves of charge into our realm of perception, the electronegative electrons, and electropositive positrons. Never does one wing beat without the other, though they span the universe itself. And their connection is not governed within the realm of time. They appear together, and they disappear to whence they once came… together, though they are apparently separated by the apparent separation of space. Another perspective in modern physics is that a positron is the same as an electron with a reversal of the arrow of time.

That apparent separation is being aptly modeled with the modern parable of the hologram, a two-dimensional film containing a three-dimensional image, made by crossing two beams of coherent light. Such holographic imaging of DNA in glass has now been shown to cause the reconstruction of the DNA once imaged. Resurrection is no longer beyond the conception of science! The body’s DNA code is stored in the soul, and this image is capable of not only regenerating the biological bodysuit but without imperfections in the original caused by environmental contingencies. Thus Saints are typically seen as 33 years of age, and perfectly developed, even if they suffered deformity in life, or never developed to maturity!

The holographic model of modern physics is compatible with the possibility that all of this world occurs on a multidimensional surface of God, an infinite-dimensional sphere with a triune internal vortex structure revealed as Family: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the spirit of love that flows and connects the two as one family. Viewed as a creature, these are titled Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. These theological phenomena have been witnessed on earth repeatedly in consensual physical forms, for example as the Shekinah Glory (pillar of smoke by day, and fire by night, like a Birkeland current in the living Electric Universe), in human form as the Christ, who’s real presence of heart tissue and newest evolutionary blood type AB have been documented in transubstantiated hosts, and the Holy Ghost, seen as tongues of flame above the heads of the apostles, while all present could understand in their own language.

The second set of wings beats the realm of matter and anti-matter, inseparably as in the realm of charge. Yet the mystery of apparently missing anti-matter remains a puzzle even to the wise among the high priests of science and scientism. A clue is that anti-matter is equivalent to matter if time is reversed.

The third set of wings is even less fully seen by the modernist's eyes. We see the light, we say, but the light of Truth shines brilliantly in our darkness and is not comprehended. The companion wing to the photon is barely a glimmer in the imagination of the few… called variously the ether, gravitons, tachyons… superlight… dark energy…. And the imagination is where we shall clearly see this wing of creation, as it is indeed imaginary. Mathematically imaginary… and yes, as real as our own imagination, or as the thoughts of the Creator in creating this as the foundation of the world, a fact quantum physicists have amazingly surmised by seeking the Truth amongst the smallest of the small.

Traveling at the speed of light, squared, but in reverse time, we could also call this quintessential but imaginary particle Grace, or even Anti-light. Whatever we call this wing, a nose by any other name would smell as sweetly… 


The symmetry with the other wings of creation becomes clear when we see that an electron is a positron in reverse time as well, and likewise with matter and anti-matter.

The Milkyway Galaxy

Our galaxy, moved by occult dark matter or by cosmic plasma?

This energy is dark unless we have eyes to see it. Perhaps the pineal structured as an eye complete with lens and retina, aids in this purpose, especially in humans, where it is positioned in the center of the skull. The pineal is found on autopsy to point either up or down… Is there a functional difference? There are many questions we have not even thought yet to ask… The most widely replicated research protocol in parapsychology shows that there is one unique time of day when zero inter-subject communication (ESP) is found, and that is precisely when the center of the Milkyway Galaxy is the most directly overhead, sidereal noon. Further research on this massive data set (by the Institute of Noetic Science, founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell) may yet shed light on the potential orientational sensitivity of this effect with respect to the pineal since postural data was recorded (sitting versus lying down).

Iam Wave Standing:

Three domains of six dimensions each (1 time, 2 coherence/consciousness/iam, 3 space) for a total of 18 dimensions (or 13 if the 3rd realm is only past time, lacking space and coherence):

  • Past: Separation, Hell/Judgement, Ego, Memory, heal with Acceptance: All that I can own are my mistakes… and the only real mistakes are the ones I have not yet learned from.
  • Now: Transformation, Universe, Sensorium, invite/allow Awareness/Spaciousness: I am that I am… All that I steward, I offer in loving service of all…
  • Future: Merging/Union, Heaven, Imagination/Vision/Grace, witness transcendent coherence of Consciousness/Love: Attitude of gratitude for the coherent meaning and purpose of all loving-kindness.

If the finite probability field of a single electron, which is imaged by God’s thought angel of the electron, extends in all spatial directions to infinity (as in the accepted model of physics), then the physical extent of the universe in which that field is contained must be infinite, and likewise, the range of electrical and magnetic field interaction must be infinite. Therefore, Einstein’s presumption that gravity alone acts at cosmological distances is a false presumption, to this day lacking any functional model of gravitation, and the theory of relativity based upon it is necessarily of limited utility. Since the model is also based on thought experiments lacking any observed support via particle, medium, or mechanism, it is best viewed as a merely conceptual model, useful only as a mathematical construct for comparison with what is until an actual explanatory model emerges. In fact, relativity theory remains at odds with observations of the fine structure of the universe.

An explanatory model which better predicts the locus and relative motions of the celestial realm is at hand. It incorporates a particle as medium and mechanism not only for behavioral observations we call gravity, but also for behaviors which have heretofore been widely observed yet have found no quarter for contemplation, research, or communication within the stabilizing Meissner field of the consciousness of contemporary conventions in scientific academia, government, and commerce, which have bound themselves together into a tight knot in resistance of increasing evidence of the need for a paradigm shift. These outliers include among other aspects of consciousness, spirituality, transcendence, and healing: the functions of grace and predestination; miracles of healing and resurrection; miracles of levitation and bi-location; non-local communication including forms of telekinesis or psychokinesis such as remote healing, and forms of telepathy or extra-sensory perception such as clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairalience, clairgustance, prophecy, and experiences transcending localization of the self within the biological body during near-death experiences and other out-of-body experiences transcending some or all of the normal dimensions of time and space including visions of Heaven and Hell, and including spiritual experiences commonly associated in all cultures with some seizures, as well as with a range of traditional entheogenic botanicals, such as Cannabis in the Judaeo-Christian and other major traditions, as well as entheogenic practices including prayer, music and dance. What is more, our current enculturated paradigms do not explain the arrow of time, the dimensions of consciousness itself, nor the fundamental nature of 3-space.

What if?

We see time as a unitary dimension. We say it has an arrow. We think of it as a unitary direction. It appears highly polar. The closer we look at interactions of matter (relatively coherent standing waves) in time, we see that there is indeed gross directional coherence. And yet, there is no inherent directional limitation in the fundamental wave interactions. All appears normal in forward and reverse time at the smallest fine structure we can yet visualize. At the macroscopic level, we see an increase in information and complexity in the forward direction, as though time is the progressive movement of the universe toward learning. Thermodynamics, meaning the dynamics of heat, may be reframed as logodynamics (logos =reason, ratio, cause, word, speech, consideration). When we open our eyes in the morning, the nerve current to the brain triples and the temperature of the brain rises several degrees, before compensatory increases in circulation restore the normal homeostatic temperature. Heat is easily measured… and the functional cause is an increase in information processing or consciousness-related biological activity.

  1. I am is-ness: cellularity of all creation, great and small (spirit matters)
  2. relationship: identification of the self and other (God is personal, individual, particular)
  3. spaciousness, familial love: orthogonality of past, present, and future, defining the propagation of a spiral (God draws straight with crooked lines)

Is the infinite, simultaneous present the body of God, while the past and future are the entwining wings of time, like dual Birkeland currents in the cosmic plasma or vascular bundles with their current-carrying blood plasma? Is that how light’s anti-particle travels in reverse time at the speed of light squared? Is it squared because the two wings are orthogonal to each other and to the body of now? Past and future converge on the now. The now contains the divergent present with its gift of free will, the singularity upon which can be constructed awareness, attention, knowledge, will, and wisdom. We are the cells in God’s body. Truly.

So, why multiplication, rather than simple addition? Why synergy? The function of a pair of wings is a coherent service for the body! Synergy! One wing cannot fly… but two?