Jul 11, 2021

For an introductory slide show, see my new storyboard outlining 9 important states of matter for understanding how mind matters, both in the sense of how the mind of the creator manifests in the 8 other states of matter described in this model, as well as how this creation supports the function of cellular states of consciousness within the overall conscious fractal hologram. We are truly cells in God’s body.

9 States of Matter

This is the first layer of foundational understanding for my model of the infinite conscious living fractal holographic universe of which we are vital cells.

I start out by looking at states of normal localized matter, from high thermal energy to low, beginning with plasma. Along the way, we will look at some mixtures of different (or similar) states called colloids, as well as a unique type of liquid crystal that turns out to be the most common state of molecules in biological systems. In the end, we will also look at some exotic states of matter which relate intimately with consciousness and the source of all existence… States that are particularly important in my model of biological potential and consciousness are in bold.

English: plasma lamp Français : Lampe plasma. ...

Plasma lamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Plasma, or ionized gas, was named for its similarity in function to biological plasmas (ionized liquid solutions) such as the cytoplasm and blood plasma. Plasmas are familiar to us through sparks and lightning (high energy discharge mode), as well as fluorescent lights, aurora borealis, and haloes (glow mode). In biological systems, they are often in dark mode, a lower energy state where they carry out electromagnetic functions, but do not emit grossly visible light. Biologically structured water is a coherent domain with anisotropic properties. In the dimensions parallel to its adjacent hydrophilic molecules such as proteins and lipid bilayer membrane phospholipids from which the water receives the morphology of its sheets, it is a semiconductor due to the distributed negative charge on its honeycomb-like hexagonal sheet structure which is similar to the lattice of the quartz. Both absorb in the UV while both water and glass (supercooled liquid quartz) do not. The same is true for a lower level of efficiency in the Near-Infrared. In both cases, this structure remains clear to the visible octave. If the structured water, really an anionic Trihydrogen Dioxide polymer, is piezo-electric like quartz (but not glass), it would be able to metabolize any movement that alters the spatial conformation of the coherence domain. Spatially separate coherence domains of biologically structured water, typically insulated by layers of fascia can become entrained both by achieving functionally equivalent states of coherence (measurable by fractal impedance), together with a state of meaningful intentionality associated with utilization of that physiological function. Optimum design function permits for the development of perfect synchronization of states not only throughout the biological body but extending as a plasma orb with a stable resonance structure at 2 meters in diameter. The dominant resonant frequency of the encompassing plasma bilayer is 172 Hz, with historical use in both Tibet and China as The Measurement Standard, the most precious possession of the Yellow Emperor. The time period this was used to annually send a copy to each Province is known as the Thousand Years of Peace. The title of the frequency is and was The Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature. What would be the impact on the global ecology if we converted our current electrical distribution system to 172 Hz from 50 and 60 Hz, which are both stress-inducing frequencies which decrease the local concentration of spirit minerals. When activated, our individual 2-meter plasma spheres not only resonate with each other, they have very interesting octave resonances in the microcosm and macrocosm. In the microcosm, the octave resonance is with the mineral Calcium, and so with our bones, as well as other sites of calcium activity such as connective tissue and nervous system. The macroscopic octave resonance is with the Earth’s oscillation around the Galactic Center, the 26,000-year Platonic cycle of precession of the equinoxes through the 12 constellations of the zodiac. In a meta-analysis of the largest database of clairvoyance studies, the only time of day that there is zero evidence of inter-subject telepathic communication is at sidereal noon, when the galactic center is closest to being directly overhead. I have proposed looking even deeper in this huge data set to see if it is affected by posture, since a percentage of the subjects were lying down, pointing the pineal in a non-vertical orientation. I hypothesize that the pineal eye, which has a retina and lens, and which uniquely in human anatomy is located in the center of the cranium, excluding environmental light which is the stimulus it receives in all other cases, maybe tuned to receive superlight, the fundamental particle and carrier of consciousness, in this model, of which there would be a strong signal from the galactic center. In any case, this appears to be one perfect time of day to tune in to our cosmic source and charge our bones with unconditional love and gratitude toward our Source.

Lightning is a familiar form of Plasma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plasma Discharge

Plasma itself can be seen in multiple states. The highest energy state is the plasma discharge, which we are familiar with in arcs of static electricity, welding, or lightning. Current tends to move along twisted pairs of filaments called Birkeland currents, which take up a metastable morphology in a spatial configuration that minimizes current and energy leakage. They are wrapped in counterrotating spiral magnetic fields and insulated by charge separation forming ionic bilayers.

Galactic currents result in periodic interstellar and thus interplanetary plasma discharges with associated Birkeland currents that move planetary matter through the galaxy. The panspermia theory of the origin of life explains why all life on earth uses the same set of amino acids and nucleotides. Spores are found at all levels in the Earth’s atmosphere, and a study on Bacillus subtilis spores found that they could survive up to hundreds of millions of years in interstellar plasma, and even pass near stars as long as they are coated in some structured water or otherwise UV protected. Bacillus subtilis produces PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone), a bacterial redox cofactor, the only substance known to stimulate regeneration of the mitochondria, associated with increased longevity, making Bacillus subtilis an important symbiont of our mitochondria. Other endobiotic symbionts, like mitochondria, also provide essential form and function to the human bio-body suit, such as Mucor racemosus, which provides the form of the blood vessels, and Aspergillus niger, which provides the form of our neurons, according to the research of Professor Gunther Enderlein. In fact, the animal kingdom itself is descended from the fungi, and as biological entities, we are each a community.

Auroral-like Birkeland currents created by scientist Kristian Birkeland in his terrella, featuring a magnetized anode globe in an evacuated chamber. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plasma Glow Mode

We see the glow of plasma in the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) as well as in other fluorescence phenomena, including flame. This corresponds to the fully charged state of the biofield in which auras and haloes can be seen, or the tongues of flame seen above the heads of Christ’s apostles at Pentecost, when everyone understood them through direct thought energy transfer, independent of any dependence upon common linguistic knowledge.

Dark Mode Plasma

In the lowest range of plasma energetics, there is no grossly visible light emission, but there is photonic energy absorption and potential emission. Most of the cosmos is filled with dark state plasma, ionized to varying degrees based on photonic absorption resulting in charge separation. At an average concentration of one ion per cubic meter of interstellar space, there is enough ionic matter with enough interaction with passing electromagnetic waves to both heat and thus ionize the plasma and at the same time produce a progressive redshift in the radiant quanta, as is observed but misinterpreted as a simple Doppler effect. Similarly, light emanating from far distant cosmic structures loses enough frequency through coupling with electrons via Thomson scattering to be seen only as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR), from which we can only resolve the gross structural frequencies of that far distant structure. The dipole axis in the cosmic microwave background radiation points toward an unexpectedly large low-temperature structure in the background radiation (Vielva et al. 2004), and then that this void is very significantly deficient in radio galaxies (McEwen et al. 2006, 2007; Rudnick et al. 2007). Also, the polarization of quasars (Hutsemekers et al 2005) and analysis of the spins of spiral galaxies cataloged in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), shows that they display a statistically significant alignment, preferring a significant sense (handedness) along the same axis (Longo 2007). I see the cellular structure in the CMBR, as confirmed by these other findings on more local cosmic chirality, as a perfect fractal mirror of our individual conception and the first three cell divisions that follow. The first is the most profound, and in the case of the human bio-body suit leaves its trace as the only meridian to cut across the cephalo-caudal axis of the body: the belt meridian. (See elsewhere in my writings for a full treatment of the embryological development of the meridian system.)

Individualized evidence-based medicine achieved by modulating bioplasma meridian vessel impedance via quantum resonance state or its non-local correlates to achieve sustained systemic coherence offers a unique opportunity for accelerated self-healing, global integration, and spiritual growth. In contrast, current standards of population-based medicine really offer very little evidence that a given medicine will be effective or well tolerated by the individual. Indeed, our modern conception of disease is little more than categorization of an expressed symptom, which is typically a downstream effect of the multifactorial and individual operative causal chains. In addition, most patent drugs are suppressive toxins, blocking physiological pathways related to a symptom’s expression, rather than supportive or stimulatory energies or nutrients existing in the context of the development of our genome. Hence the approach is termed allopathic, as it introduces an entirely new disease which at best may mask the old symptoms without resolution. In the big picture, the result is a lowered level of health. (see my writings on the 5 Phases of Health, or my new board on 9 Levels of Health).

9 Levels of Health

Illustration of particle dynamics in a gas and...

Illustration of particle dynamics in gas and in plasma. Neutral atoms are green, positive ions blue, electrons red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gas is the state of most of the atmosphere we breathe, including Oxygen which is essential for catabolic energy production. The alternate pathway for energy production is the absorption of ambient quantum energy, especially near-infrared (heat) by structured water, which stores it as a battery built like an orgone accumulator. In addition, we breathe in more water each day than we take in by food and drink or by absorption through the skin. The air we breathe also contains a lunar tide of ORMUS spirit minerals (see below). We breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, reducing acidity (raising pH, meaning eliminating excess protons) which allows for increased quantum energy storage in biologically structured water, and more liquid crystal lattice sites to incorporate spirit minerals to grow the soul. This provides more spaciousness for our consciousness, freeing the soul to choose its navigational path with greater facility.

English: The liquid helium is in the superflui...

The liquid helium is in the superfluid phase. A thin invisible film creeps up the inside wall of the cup and down on the outside. A drop forms. It will fall off into the liquid helium below. This will repeat until the cup is empty – provided the liquid remains superfluid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Liquid or Sol is the state of acidic biological fluids such as stomach acid, the weak organic acids, especially lactic acid, in the healthy colon, and both urine and sweat. The inflammatory tissue state is also acidic (low pH) meaning a high concentration of protons, and therefore not structured water (see next), which is low in protons and high in electrons. In this liquified state, the water and its ionized electrolytes (a biological plasma) and other solutes and particles in suspension such as viruses are flushed out of the tissue, preparing for the gradual restoration of the stable alkaline state which restructures the water on the protein template of the connective tissue. This is the genetic potential for complete tissue regeneration and restoration of the design function. Alkalizing can be sped up artificially with NSAIDs, steroids or antibiotics, but this results in a chronic focal disturbance or even a scar disturbance field in which the original disease vector such as irritants or toxins, or infectious agents are deposited in the toxic gel state (see next) along with the hyper-alkalizing medicament, typically leaving a chronic low-level medicamentosis. This is why research shows that taking an aspirin for a headache not only relieves the immediate symptom but also increases the likelihood of recurrence of that symptom. As the body’s energy level is restored, and the affected tissue is called upon to function, the toxic blockage triggers inflammatory immune responses designed to clear away the interference.


Colloids are mixtures of two different substances, which can be in the same or different states.


A Foam is bubbles of Gas mixed in a Liquid matrix, such as whipped cream. If you see foam in the toilet when you urinate, it indicates that your kidneys are leaking oils. If you are diving and come up too fast, Nitrogen bubbles form a foam in your blood causing the bends.

Solid Foam:

A Solid Foam is composed of Gas bubbles embedded in a Solid matrix, such as styrofoam, cinder or pumice. Birds have foam-like air chambers in their bones to decrease their density to achieve flight.


A dispersed liquid phase has different names depending on the phase it is dispersed in. In air, droplets of liquid are an Aerosol.


When a liquid is dispersed in another liquid in which it is miscible, but not soluble, it can form an Emulsion, like milk or mayonnaise. In the process of digesting fats, they are emulsified into micelles, or microscopic fat droplets, which can be absorbed into the lymph vessels of the small intestine.


When solids are dispersed in a liquid, they are called a Gel, like gelatin and jelly. In the body, gels can be formed by DNA, RNA, and proteins, and that is one way they are analyzed in a laboratory, being separated by size and charge in gel electrophoresis. The water in biological gels is structured liquid crystalline water (see below). Most of the water in the body is in this liquid crystal state in association with phospholipid membranes (another liquid crystal) or nucleic acids and proteins forming gels.

A dispersed solid phase likewise has three possible forms.

Solid Aerosol:

When a solid is dispersed in gas it is a Solid Aerosol, like smoke.


In a liquid, a dispersed solid is a Sol, like ink or blood. Body fluids such as blood plasma, lymph fluid, urine, bile, and other glandular secretions are in a sol state. The connective tissue, usually in a gel state, can temporarily transform into an acidic, inflamed sol state for the purpose of dissolving, oxidizing, and/or flushing foreign or damaged materials from the tissue before it is restored to its normal alkaline gel state. Inflammation can be reduced more rapidly with NSAIDs (like aspirin, a synthetic willow bark analog), prescription steroids (adrenal hormone analogs), or antibiotics (fungal toxin analogs), but the genetic potential for optimal tissue cleansing and repair is bypassed, leaving the drugs and the original irritants in the ‘healed’ tissue, which can become a chronic focal disturbance and/or scar disturbance field.

Solid Sol:

When embedded in another solid, a dispersed solid is called a Solid Sol, like a pearl.

Liquid crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liquid Crystal

Water was thought until very recently, to make up 99% of the body’s molecules. Now that the structure of biological water has been elucidated, we know that most of it are actually in a different chemical form, empirically (H3O2-)N, or an anionic trihydrogen dioxide polymer. The actual molecular formula is (H9O6-3)N, which is a honeycomb sheet of hexagonal ring structures. Because of the excess negative charge, this material also has properties of a plasma, such as the double layer of charge separation defining its boundary with liquid state water.

English: Lipid bilayer and micelle, from Nupedia.

Lipid bilayer and micelle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depending on the total potential energy from charge separation, the ionic coherence domain of biologically structured water can emit coherent biophotons or transfer them directly to biomolecules in contact with the liquid crystal water. As the potential energy increases, progressively higher activation states can be initiated by these intracellular and extracellular water batteries. This functional pathway for the operation of metabolic pathways, including endothermic and anabolic reactions, may be able to bypass the utilization and regeneration of high-energy bond storage forms of energy such as ATP and NADH. It may even in some cases be able to catalyze physiological reactions without dependence upon enzymes. In the sol state enzymes typically supply both conformational support as well as reduction of activation energy, and often a resonator of the required quantum Gibb’s Free Energy of activation as well, typically from a co-catalytic coenzyme Vitamin or Mineral. When adjacent to structured water, this water has the capacity to convey both the shape factor of the enzyme’s tertiary conformation, as well as the resonance of the catalytic activation energy.

osseous (bone) tissue

osseous (bone) tissue showing growth rings (Photo credit: GreenFlames09)


The dominant solid state in the body is the bones, which are made of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA). The empirical formula is Ca5(PO4)3(OH), but the molecular formula is actually Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2.

Velocity in a gas of rubidium as it is cooled:...

Velocity in a gas of rubidium as it is cooled: the starting material is on the left, and Bose–Einstein condensate is on the right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bose-Einstein Condensate

When ordinary matter is supercooled until all the atoms are in the same quantum state, it can become a superconducting superfluid that expresses the quantum properties of a single atom over a macroscopic region of space. Physicists Bose and Einstein originally hypothesized the idea that condensates are possible. Research in 1995 documenting the existence of BECs was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001.

Knights of the Round Table Departing on the Qu...

Knights of the Round Table Departing on the Quest for the Holy Grail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Next, I add the holy grail of alchemy, the philosopher’s stone. This ancient technology is now restored with knowledge of the high spin nucleus state of the transition elements, patented as ORMEs by David Hudson, used in black operations, and often described in modern alchemical science as ORMUS (classically the Philosopher’s Stone), which function similar to condensates, but are typically 4/9 non-local by mass. This exotic ‘dark’ matter, present in biological systems, as confirmed by US Navy research, is superfluid, superconducting, and a fundamental resonator and carrier of the quantum phonons of consciousness. It is not thermally coupled with normal matter. It forms 2-dimensional liquid crystal sheets, like biologically structured water, and prefers to be at the center of conductive ring structures that provide a Faraday cage to reduce ambient EMF pressure on its protective Meissner field. Replicating the work of a Russian patent, an American laboratory has measured that approximately 5% of the dry weight of brain tissue is M-state (high spin) Rhodium and Iridium.


Some high spin transition elements have been observed to go completely non-local under particular conditions of thermal stress, returning to their original state and location when environmental conditions are restored, even when other solid objects have moved through their once and future location in the meantime. That is, they are not just invisible, they are non-local, existing entirely as a wave function.


Also thought of as grace, ether, the zero-point energy, vacuum (really plenum) energy, this magneto-electric radiation travels in reverse time at the speed of light squared.

While the non-local state can remain linked to specific space-time coordinates, the origin of all states is the potential link to all coordinates via the presence of the plenum (so-called ‘vacuum’) energy. It is most worthy to strive for this state via generation of supreme and unconditional coherence (love and gratitude) for our source of being.


This universe is a single divine eternal fractal holographic living being we call God. We are all cells in God’s mystical body. We can still see evidence of the original cellular structure of God’s conception of this material form in the gross structure of the cosmic microwave background radiation (see details above).

Next, explore how we develop our conscious soul as a celestial navigational being from conception to eternal life in my new board on Cultivating Your Future Self.