Soul Food: The Fifth State of Matter

Soul Food: The Fifth State of Matter

Jul 11, 2021

Good nutrition is important for a healthy body. And a healthy body helps provide us with the opportunity to develop our spiritual gifts of the mind and the heart.

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hanging on the wall of my office for years I have displayed a favorite quote, adopted as the mission statement of the Hawaii Center for Natural Medicine: “The power of nutrition enables one to exercise the senses and from sensory experience, the intellect gains concepts and so the will is freed to choose.” What is most remarkable to me about this statement is that it was written by Thomas Aquinas as of the year 1273 A.D.

Hanging on the wall of my office for years I have displayed a favorite quote, adopted as the mission statement of the Hawaii Center for Natural Medicine: “The power of nutrition enables one to exercise the senses and from sensory experience, the intellect gains concepts and so the will is freed to choose.” What is most remarkable to me about this statement is that it was written by Thomas Aquinas as of the year 1273 A.D.

But is it also possible that there is food for the soul itself? What is the substance of the soul? Does it have a material substrate?

I visualize existence as composed of hierarchies of angels (God’s creative thoughts) living in 9 states of which science now confirms the first 5 by direct measurement, with indirect observation of another 2, and the final two remaining in the realm of contemplation, revelation, and faith:


Plasma is the energized, conductive medium filling cosmic space, named after its likeness to the plasma of the blood and the cytoplasm of the cells, being ionic media and therefore electromagnetically active in similar ways. 90% of our biological energy comes from the release of high-energy electrons stored in carbon-carbon bonds in the electron transport chain of the mitochondria, the symbiotic bacteria in every cell, inherited from our mothers. The photonic energy carried by these electrons comes from sunlight, emitted by the plasma surrounding the sun.

It is possible that we can also directly utilize free high-energy electrons from our environments, such as the refreshing negative ions produced by moving water and plants. Electrons are by definition the most efficient anti-oxidant since a biological antioxidant is defined as an electron donor. The bioavailable energy of the electron is carried as photonic light energy.

We breathe in on average about 15 times more water than we obtain from food and drink, so the electronic and photonic content of the air we breathe is of crucial importance to life, especially the life of the spirit, which means breath. There are even a few claims of people being able to live for extended periods of time without eating. When this is done intentionally it is called breatharianism, but it has also been documented with a few canonized saints, as recently as the stigmatist Theresa Neuman in the 20th century, a large woman who lived for over 40 years without consuming anything but the tiny eucharist. She did not even drink anything from 1926 until her death in 1962.

The body only needs food for energy and repair, so if it is able to derive photonic energy from plasma (free) electrons, or from light directly, then there is no reason that food would be essential even to maintain the life of the biological body. Hundreds of saints’ bodies have been documented to maintain some degree of preservation after death, sometimes even for hundreds or thousands of years. Saints bearing the stigmata, the wounds of Christ, have sometimes been documented to emit light, as well as the fragrance of roses, from their wounds, and it is light that is the ultimate source of biological energy, with the exception of a few species of sulfur-based bacteria living around volcanic fumaroles.

It is this light energy that makes the difference between a gas and a plasma. If prophecies come to pass that in the new heavens and new earth, there are no oceans, it could be that the atmospheric plasma content formed by their ionization could directly support life through the breath. After all, the fluid our cells live in is ionically very much like seawater. This might be the reason prophecies also foresee that the lion will lie down with the lamb, as they do when they feast on the tree of life…

In Oriental Medicine, the lungs are part of the Metal Element, and one of their crucial functions is to breathe in the jing, the most precious substance that forms the physical building blocks for the spirit body. In other traditions, these spirit minerals are called by other names such as manna in the Judeo-Christian lineage, and mana by the Hawaiians.


We breathe an atmosphere supplying paramagnetic oxygen, the most immediate requirement for human and symbiotic life forms which are also aerobic. Hundreds of years of burning fuels by industrial culture have reduced oxygen in the air from 32% (measured in fossil bubbles trapped in amber and ice caps) to less than 20%, and in some city environments, it can sometimes drop as low as 5 or 10%.

Once we absorb this gas into the blood, via the pulmonary circulation powered by the right side of the heart, we need the larger left side of the heart to pump it to the rest of the body. But there are other paramagnetic gases we breathe in that are not so well known (see condensate, below), as they are not detected by current conventional means. A laborious Russian patented laboratory method has been replicated once in the states, so some limited data can be extrapolated.

The electrical pulse of the heart is the strongest electrical wave in the body unless we are exposed to a modern electronic culture which often overpowers this signal by a factor of thousands. This blocks the ability of the heart’s electrical pulse to open the way for the pressure pulse wave that carries 50% of the blood flow to the body’s tissues.

This electrical discharge of the heart, when it is coherent, that is when our soul is heart-centered, can also reprogram the condensate gases in the blood from their natural paramagnetic mineral state to the biologically active diamagnetic state. This indicates the creation of a Meissner field, and likely the organization of planar superconducting, superfluid liquid crystals that make up the substance of the soul.

In Oriental Medicine, the heart is central to the Fire Element and is home to the shen, the conscious spirit.


The medium of life is an aqueous saline solution, a bioplasma. We are familiar with nourishing ourselves with food and drink, which we chew, mixing with amylase, swallow, and mix in the stomach with acid and additional enzymes, and alkalize with bile and digest with pancreatic enzymes into a liquid broth of nutrients for absorption in the small intestine.

In Oriental Medicine, the process of digestion is the focus of the Earth Element.


The structural support systems from the macroscopic bones to the microscopic cytoskeleton allow for movement of navigational beings and are thought by some, as in the Penrose-Hameroff hypothesis, to be linked to the locus where the conscious soul links to the bio-body suit. It is the only biological hypothesis of consciousness that provides enough loci to contain the number of bits of information stored in a lifetime of human experience.


This is the superconducting superfluid bridge between worlds. Its mass, when stable, is measured to be ~4/9 non-local, and it is proposed as the material seat of consciousness itself. It shows quantum dynamic behaviors at a macroscopic level when integrated into an extended liquid crystalline matrix such as a human soul. This is the first time we have the potential for a scientific model that explains the characteristics of the spirit, from the human soul to the Holy Ghost. Phenomena documented with highly coherent individuals such as canonized saints show macroscopic quantum dynamic properties such as bilocation, multiplication, teleportation, levitation.

The coming age of BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensate) technology will appear to our eyes as an age of miracles. Fortunately, with this technological upgrade will come the upgrade of the highest functionality we have: the consciousness itself. In the coming age, as we integrate the knowledge of the metabolism and physiology of the condensates into our diet, lifestyle, and environments, along with the possibility of a prophecied cosmic upgrade to the earth environment, we will come to know the Divine Will directly (as revealed to Louisa Piccarreta), without having to wonder what it is we should be doing, or fumble through the current pattern of suffering from trial and error processes.

Dark matter

This non-ordinary matter, or spirit, maybe the non-local side of the condensates. It could be associated with the function of the will, associated with the Water Element. When we project our will, it acts non-locally, perhaps via the 4/9 of the mass of the condensates of the spirit body that are non-local. The coherence of the will with the Divine Will may allow this non-local portion to become temporarily localized trans-dimensionally in time and/or space.

Dark energy

The ether that pervades the universe is now being indirectly extrapolated at % of all that is known. This may correspond to the function of knowledge, associated with the Earth Element of Oriental Medicine.


Angels are God’s thoughts, and as the Creator, these thoughts are the fundamental substance of all that is. This may be the fundamental creative act initiated by the process of attention, associated with the Fire Element.


God’s essence may lie in awareness itself, associated with the Metal Element. Conventional modern interpretations of quantum observations in physics conclude that the essential nature of reality is subjective… consciousness itself…


The most recently confirmed state is the condensate, first documented in 1995, for which a Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded in 2001 to Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman, although physicists Bose and Einstein predicted this state many years ago. The condensate is the transitional state between pure matter and pure spirit. In its fully material state, it represents the sum of the properties of all 9 states, to the extent of having 5/9 of the mass of the same mineral in any of the states: ~1-4. Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) are made of bosons which include photons and subatomic W and Z particles.

English: German-born theoretical physicist Alb...

English: German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bose-Einstein Condensates of 11 transition metals are now thought to be responsible for superconducting properties of living organisms, as well as ‘miraculous’ phenomena such as levitation, bilocation, prophecy, and non-local effects such as remote-viewing and the healing effects of prayer. 4/9 of the mass of these Spirit-Minerals are non-local, and the other 5/9 may account for the mass of the soul, with a measured mass of up to 42 grams. The unmeasurable halo of 34 grams that is non-local, according to Einstein’s E=mc^2 equation contains the energy equivalent of the solar energy falling on all of North America. This is why a little faith can move mountains.

A fermionic condensate has also been confirmed in 2004 by Deborah Jin. Fermions include protons, electrons, and neutrons.

the Table of Shewbread of the Biblical Tabernacle

In current exploratory research including the patented work of David Hudson, condensates and related states are variously called ORMUS, ORMEs, Mono-atomic minerals, and High spin transition elements. Traditionally, from various spiritual and alchemical lineages, the terms also include white powder gold, mana, mfkz, nouss, jing, shewbread, ‘what is it?’ and the philosopher’s stone.

This is the stuff of legend. The holy grail. And the stuff of life. Sentient life. Immortal life. The stuff of the soul.

Spirit Matters

The human body loses spiritual substance within seconds to minutes of death. The same is likely true of our food and medicine.

The spirit of material is lost not only as a function of time but also of industrial processing. 50 Hz and 60 Hz magnetic fields, such as those of an electric stove, drive these spirit minerals away, as they seek energetic peace and harmony. This could be changed by converting to a 172 Hz current, the dominant harmonic frequency of nature, known in ancient China and Tibet. When I was seeking a frequency that would attract and stabilize these minerals, I rediscovered this frequency once used throughout the provinces of China during 1,000 years of peace.

Working with medicines that stabilize and carry this spiritual matter for purposes of healing, I have had the opportunity to have a couple of medicines analyzed by an alchemist. In both instances, they confirmed my hypothesis, measuring over 5% dry weight of spirit minerals in both Nouss-Ade and Sango Coral. This is about the same concentration found in the brain (by dry weight) according to the Russian patented method for laboratory analysis. (Update 2021: We now offer Nous Energy capsules)

In its pure crystalline form, it is the most other-worldly substance I have ever seen. It is actually impossible to measure as it levitated itself and a portion of the tare that was in its field, weighing less than the tare alone! It was glistening with light and an iridescent white in color, composed of planar crystalline sheets. Think fairy dust!

A description of this material in its annealed glass-like form as given to Moses by God is quite amazing. The stones, each containing the fullness of Natural Law, are described in Talmudic Midrashic sources as clear, flexible, and transparent, measuring about 20″ by 20″ by 10″. Tradition affirms that one book of the law still exists today in The Chapel of the Tablet in Ethiopia, one of the contents from the ark of the covenant. The guardian monk commits the rest of his life to being in the presence of this divine portal.