Jul 11, 2021

Metal is useful for many tools. When kept well oiled in our ‘marine’ environment, these tools are one of the most precious and lasting sources of utility and value we have. They are precious. We paint bright colors on their handles so we do not lose them or forget to bring them home to a dry space when we are done using them. Otherwise, like other material things, they melt back into the jungle… and are lost, sometimes forever.

At first glance, the metal element is known as a specialty of the dwarf race, and thus also of particular interest to the earth hobbits who trace a good portion of their lineage to the dwarves. They use metal implements to dig in the earth and harvest its riches of soil and rock, and even sparkling green olivine (peridot) crystals found at The Shire (just look closely at the greenish sand on the surface of the driveway!). Metal, of course, is also classically abused by the orcs with their indiscriminate digging and scraping of the earth, often leaving linear scars and rectangular patches of ground flat, barren, and… boring. Dead. We hear that they call these places ‘subdivisions.’ It all sounds scary to a poor hobbit… But enough horror stories… We have glorious tales to tell of the hidden truth within the metal element.

Liv Tyler as Arwen Evenstar in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. | Aragorn and arwen, Lord of the ...

Liv Tyler as Arwen in The Return of the King

The elves, being immortal, well remember a deeper knowledge of yore. There was a time, and some suspect such a time could be restored again with the much-anticipated return of the King when finer metals were openly known among the cultures of Middle Earth. One of the few dates communicated directly and not encrypted by Nostradamus was 1996 for the restoration of this knowledge, and worldwide patents were filed in 1995 by David Hudson. Orc nations already using this material for black operations indirectly acknowledged this occult use by concurring that the work was patent-worthy, but not patentable in those lands because of existing secret ‘national-security use. Hudson’s patent covers Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium, and Osmium.

These are metals like mithril silver. Metals that are not like metals at all… Transition minerals in this transdimensional state have gone by many names and have been hidden under many guises, for that is their nature. 

What is it? Mfkzt. Manna. Shewbread. White Powder Gold. The Stone… The Philosopher’s Stone. The Book of the Law. Bread of the presence of God. Elixir of Life. Starfire. ORMEs. Ormus. High spin or monatomic minerals. Jing. Nous. Dew. Exotic matter. Bose-Einstein Condensates or BECs of the transition metals. 

And it is of these finer things that we shall now speak… Quietly… Lest these words fall on the wrong ears.

King of Numenor

King of Numenor (Photo credit: Oneras)

Scrolls and manuscripts amongst the collected works and cherished volumes of our wizard Glendalf, and others of the Ishtari, as well as the royal families of the elves, dwarves, and yes, even if the humans of old in the days of Numenor, point and hint at such lost knowledge… But the times are changing once more. The sky glows red with the activity of the new earth birthing itself into a time of the new heavens and new earth. There is much knowledge hidden amidst the noise and bustle of the age, and untold gems can be gleaned, polished, and placed in their proper setting amidst the cherished memories of old…

Rings of Power

The legendary Rings of Power are more properly considered as the Rings of Force, like their intended purpose, though it was at first hidden, was to serve the power of domination, which is death to the spirit. The true Rings of Power are to be found, rather, in the life of the spirit. Love conquers all… Light defeats darkness with the dawn faster than a fleeting shadow. Thus life ultimately trumps death itself through the resurrection of the body in the full perfection of its design, which can never be corrupted, being out of reach of force and beyond the control of external domination. And so it is that the power of life, which is love and light embodied, by its nature and design, can overcome the greatest of forces, which is our own fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. Hence it is said of old that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. When the waters of our fear, which is a gift of life force received through grace, are channeled into the ocean of the divine, carried by the superfluid transition metals of our conscious intent, our vistas open to the horizons seen by the wise. The Ishtari.

Assortment of precious metal elements.

Assortment of precious transition metal elements: their alchemical forms are even more precious in their utility to life and consciousness itself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the riddle of Middle Earth. Say ‘friend’ and enter…

Amongst our handcrafts at The Shire, we have artists who use metallic forms for smithing, such as silversmithing and goldsmithing. We use copper as a barrier to slug invasion of our crops, and it can even be used to keep invasive guava trees from regrowing from their roots after they are cut down.

The Ormus forms of the metals shown here are used in alchemical medicine as food for building the spirit body. This is a special interest of our healing wizard, Glendalf… In modern science, these forms relate to the state of matter now called a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) which helps us model the superfluid, superconducting and other quantum dynamic properties of the soul of our beloved Middle Earthlings.