Ke Ala Ea

Ke Ala Ea

Jul 11, 2021

The Way of Life, Ke Ala Ea, in Middle Earth, is simple… based upon the simple beauty of nature and the wisdom of all our ancestors as indigenous earthlings. Let’s take a look at four fundamental paving stones that show us the steps… They are the four words that mean life in Hawaiian:


English: Cover to Aloha Oe, 1890 by Queen Lili...

Cover of Aloha Oe, 1890 by Queen Liliuokalani. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ha, as in Hawai’i and Aloha, means the breath of life. Our life begins when our parents love is brought together in the way of the divine plan, Ke Ala Kekua, and the greatest electrical event of life, conception, breathes a new life into our first cell, unique not only in its genetic combination of parental DNA contributions but also in its spirit, which means breath, Ha.

We all know that we must breathe frequently in order to sustain life. We may be able to live for days without water, weeks without food, and years without shelter, but we change color and our conscious spirit leaves the biological body in just a few minutes without the breath of life.

We also must breathe regularly, coherently at the rate of one breath cycle every 10 seconds in order to enter into a harmonic state that optimizes all aspects of life. Fortunately, this function is built-in… standard equipment in the bio-body suit. All we need to attend to is letting go of our cares of the world, for example, fear and anger cares of the past like grief, and the future such as worry, and focus on being centered in our hearts. Love is the emotion of life. Love is the one emotion that is coherent in its nature, which means it is transcendent… immortal. And it will carry us through experiencing and re-experiencing all the damage, and hurt, and trauma of this life.

Orcs are without breath, Ha ‘Ole, which is seen in the discoloration of the complexion, but also colors the outlook on life… To an outlook that no longer sees the infinite values of life, such as love, family, and community, but only the salvage values of its bones for scrapping in commerce…

The breath is personal, but it is also shared in the intimacy of family and community. The Hawaiian greeting shares the breath, touching foreheads with noses next to each other. This sharing is a profoundly intimate experience.

Wherever two or more are gathered in the name of the divine, O Ke Akua, there is coherence through the intent of perfect goodness of that vibration, a manifestation of the Word, which is powered by the breath, Ha.


Ola means life in the sense of health and wellbeing. Health and wellness take a little more time to deteriorate or restore than does the breath. Our health is determined to a great degree by the components we build our biological bodysuit out of, our food. But an equal determinant is the life of our spirit, our thinking. Half of all the toxicity found in body tissues is from the waste products of stress-related neurotransmitters.

That means that Orcs, who have been tortured for so long that they have forgotten their true elven nature, are created not only by eating GMOs and processed junk foods but also by junk thoughts… stinking thinking. The only cure is to think outside the box. And that is exactly what Middle Earth is all about… it is outside the box. No more Junk In The Box for us… No more Can’t Eat Yucky Fried Chicken… No more Don’t Eat Those! No more listening to torturous advertising slogans like “Mmm… Honey, I can’t believe it’s not food!”

Pottenger’s cat experiments showed that without the active enzymes found in live food, there was no possibility of survival after just two generations. The future depends upon us restoring the gardens of Middle Earth, and feeding fresh life-enhancing foods to each other while creating a community of cooperative culture where virtues are valued above debt notes.


Nohona is life in the sense of our home and our lifestyle…

Our home is where our heart is. What do we love the most? That is where our hearts will direct and guide us as navigational spiritual beings. If our love is of a material nature, so our souls will be guided and bound. So let your love expand beyond the bounds of the finite and temporal worlds. We love love. We love us… Family, Community… the Fellowship of Middle Earth! The ring of truth… the true power of life-giving love.

Our lifestyle is our culture. Culture is built on the pattern of our actions in the world, which in turn, turns on the nature of that world as we believe it to be, our faith. How we model and think about the nature of life is all-important. In a world seemingly, potentially on the brink of any number of catastrophic disruptions, it is high time to think deeply about the nature of our nature, and the nature of the nature around us. Let’s build our culture on an inclusive, integrative, collaborative, coherent model of life that must include the life of the heart and soul as it lives cooperatively and even synergistically within the biological and cosmological realms we experience.

As above… so below! We live in a living universe, the womb of Heaven, as we grow, develop, and prepare for the life to come. We seek impeccability within ourselves and with each other. We communicate openly and honestly… and we do this strategically guided by loving intent. We choose to feel and experience in real-time and heal the wounds of the past by stepping into a fresh future, placing our furry hobbit feet firmly in the muck of truth… planting the seeds of tomorrow's yet unknown (but tasty) fruits. And we breathe in the freshness of new life.


Queen bee 1

Queen bee and her children (Photo credit: quisnovus)

Ea is the sovereign life of the people, resting in our ability to work together cooperatively for mutual benefit and the common good, as we each govern ourselves not out of selfishness, but in the self-interest of serving to create a better world for all. God is said to be King of Kings. We are the sovereign Kings and Queens of this portable real estate (originally from Royal Estate) we call our bodies, our bio bodysuits through which we are graced with this gift of life.

Life. It is more than meets the eye… and it is all that meets the eye. Darkness, death, and demons, evil, error, and sin are mere shadows with no power or life of themselves. When we accept our own darkness and shadow, we are able to learn and grow. Life begins anew. Light overpowers shadow.

It is said that the only thing we can truly own is our mistakes. And the only real mistakes are the ones we have yet to learn from…