Healing Health Care

Healing Health Care

Jul 11, 2021

Healing is fundamentally self-healing. No doctor or medicine heals a wound, but merely supports and stimulates, or even interferes with the body’s intelligent process. The body forms granulation tissue to mend itself. Health care can interfere with the body’s wound healing process like anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics do by over-alkalizing the tissue from a sol to a gel state, or support it like how Methyl-Sulfonyl Methane (an organic sulfur nutritional supplement) helps reduce any excess scar tissue and restore circulation and function when taken after a wound has sealed itself… Even if that wound happened decades before!

Blood letting

Bloodletting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have only heard of two double-blind studies on surgery, and both found no advantage to real surgery over a mock procedure. One was on open-heart surgery, and the other was arthroscopic knee surgery. Bloodletting may be more evidence-based, as long as it is performed on people in high-energy terrain (Phase 4 in my 5 Phases of Healing model), and preferably not performed by humans. Leaches do a much cleaner job!

With untold resources poured into patent medicine for nearly a century now, we should be able to see the results of this modern experiment. We are spending more on disease care, but our increases in longevity are attributable to improvements in public health knowledge and practices, not those of our medical system. There are systemic issues in our current approach involving financial incentives in the most lucrative industry in the world today. Most pharmaceutical research is funded by the industry, and most of the unfavorable results go unreported, while some of the favorable results are fictitious. In the typical best-case scenario, a drug may actually work for the parameter being manipulated, but does it make us healthier? Were we really deficient in a toxin?

One study in England took a broader perspective, looking at the effects of blood pressure medication. All the physicians in the study, as expected, agreed that the prescribed drug therapies improved the patients’ health status, based on statistically normalized blood pressure. This study did something unusual. They surveyed the patients, their family members, and people in the community to rate the perceived health effects of the drugs. These people were as unanimous in their opinions as were the doctors… but their observation was that under treatment, patients seemed less vital! So who is right?

In New Zealand, an important asthma medicine was slated to go off the market. Everyone was worried that it would mean more asthma deaths. When the time came and the government followed through, taking the drug off the market… the death rate actually went down!

Most prescription and over-the-counter drugs are extremely toxic as a rule. They are the leading cause of death and disease in our culture. It can be shown that over a million Americans a year die because of them, though some estimates are somewhat lower since most of the negative effects go unrecorded. With all the negative effects of drugs, and the fact that the placebo effect is a full half of the effect of medicines, large, expensive statistical trials are needed to even begin to know if they are doing what is hoped. Individualized medicine, personal attention, primary prevention, innovation, and intellectual honesty take a back seat…

The best hospital-based medicine with all its diagnostic instrumentation and budget probably only achieves a proper diagnosis in one out of three cases at the best institutions. This is based on a comparison of diagnosis with results of the autopsy at Harvard Medical School. So most of those receiving toxic and invasive treatments are being treated for something they don’t even have…

Oncologists know how much their patients suffer from radiation and chemotherapy, both of which cause cancer. That’s probably why 90% of them would not take the treatments they recommend for their patients if they had cancer. Meta-analysis of all cancer research shows that those living longest are the controls, who had no radiation, chemo, or surgery.

Physicians are so good at managing disease today, that they have few clues even about their own health. The average emergency room medical doctor lives to age 58. (Update 2021: Now 57.)

Perhaps one of the most telling stories is what happens when physicians go on strike: the death rate drops. This has happened at least three times in different parts of the world including California and Israel!

English: Phases of wound healing. Limits vary ...

Phases of wound healing. Limits vary within faded intervals, mainly by wound size and healing conditions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the leading form of medicine in the world today, in terms of the number of people treated? It is still the much-maligned, misunderstood, and underestimated field of Homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic. They produce no side effects. Where they stimulate symptoms, called provings, it has been shown that these effects actually improve health. The costs are minimal, and the whole world can be treated without straining anyone’s resources. In contrast, the World Health Organization acknowledges that there is no way the entire world could afford to receive modern Western medicine… Only indigenous natural medicines, like botanical medicine, as well as essential nutrient supplementation and subtle and safe approaches like homeopathy, are sustainable. These are the medicines of the past… and the future!

Having studied and practiced many modalities of natural, behavioral, and biological medicine, the approach I recommend is to support and stimulate accelerated self-healing. “Just say no to drugs!” I recommend using some of the many methods of individualized bio-communication to select energetically balancing natural medicines in real-time. Statistical approaches used in patent drug medicine were not originally designed for use on humans, but for plant monocultures. You deserve better than to be treated as a statistic or a diagnosis code. Bio-energetic and bio-electronic test methods, in contrast, are completely individualized and actually help to stimulate the body’s own healing processes. They follow well the first rule of medicine: "Primum non nocere" (first do no harm). Without these methods, I myself would have been dead over 16 years ago, with over 99% certainty.

What is needed to heal our health care system?

For physicians, we can restore our sacred oaths to first do no harm.

We can seek to treat and remove causes rather than battling symptoms.

We can treat people to enhance abilities and functions, rather than fight contemplated disease entities.

We can select from a broad spectrum of natural and non-toxic remedies individualizing treatment to suit the unique needs of each person as they change in real-time during the healing process.

We can focus on education (doctor means teacher) for primary prevention through improvements in public health, lifestyle choices, and cultural knowledge and application.

To learn more, check out the resources on this site… and stay tuned for more!