Jul 11, 2021

Optimizing Life Energy

Chemistry is the substance of life. Energy is life’s essence, and the difference between life and death, health and disease.

When coherent energy fields of the heart (EKG) and brain (EEG) go flat, the body is pronounced dead. The spirit, a coherent, conscious biophoton energy field, is freed to move in the direction of the choices that shaped it during life.

The life of a cell

When the cell membrane’s potential drops below the level needed to sustain life, the moment of cell death is marked by a similar release of coherent bio-photonic energy.

This communication signals other cells of the need to respond to the loss of a particular type of cell as well as the causes of its demise.


Bio-communication and non-local healing effects have been documented by modern double-blind research. New understandings on the cutting edge of biophysics show how these remarkable forms of healing work, and why the 20th-century mind was blinded to their reality.

Perhaps the most intricate mathematical model of physics is a series of about 200 equations formulated by Maxwell.

Maxwell’s mathematics described the universe as having four simultaneous dimensions. Physicists who followed simplified Maxwell’s system into just a few equations by assuming the fourth dimension to be constant.

We are all familiar with the three dimensions of space. They are the obvious vectors of height, breadth, and depth which we can easily observe and measure.

The fourth spatial dimension has a scalar or information function. It is the physical foundation of bio-communication and its essence is meaning itself. This is resonance, the relationship, the intentionality, the living energy of existence.

We now know that instantaneous energy and information transfer are possible by way of Whittaker channels corresponding to resonant states of distant (non-local) individuals.

Research on non-local causality has proven the effectiveness of prayer and healing intention.


Biofield Analysis applies non-local physics to computer-assisted real-time dynamic bio-communication. The medicine of the future is here now.

Kirlian Photos:

Kirlian photo of fingertip before taking one of our energetic solutions.

Kirlian photo after remedy.

The 5 Phases of Healing

A cell on death’s door goes through 5 distinct phases during the process of restoring radiant health.

In phase 1, the cell cleans house, restoring order and function to the communication system (DNA) and the power system (mitochondria).

In phase 2, the cell makes the necessary repairs to enzymes and cellular structures.

Phase 3 marks cellular regeneration, two healthy cells from one.

In phase 4, the connective tissue environment of every cell is restored, becoming a clear channel for communication and nutrition.

Phase 5 represents ongoing life functions and challenges.

About the 5 Phases of Health:

Specific stresses are associated with the phases of health.

Phase 5 is affected by:

  • life stresses
  • functional imbalances
  • hormones & vitamins

In phase 4, we react to:

  • minerals and pH
  • allergens & toxins
  • relative deficiencies

Phase 3 deals with:

  • carbohydrate & sugar
  • fungi (e.g. Candida)
  • depleted metabolism

Phase 2 relates to:

  • amino acids/enzymes
  • bacteria & parasites
  • aging

Phase 1 is terrain for:

  • fats/oils & oxidation
  • viruses
  • degeneration

Learn more in the interview “The 5 Phases of Health.”

Without health, little else in life seems of much value. Without health, it is even difficult to enjoy family and friends. The luster of material things, whether they be food or fortune, seems to pale in the dim light of disease. We can even be distracted from our spiritual life’s journey in the confusion and chaos of coping with cancer or the aftermath of a heart attack or stroke.

Choose it now…

Your future health depends on your choices today. Learn how you can make the right choices to consistently hit your desired target of health optimization. Your health will shift and change as your body powers up depleted energy systems, repairs intricate cellular functions, rebuilds damaged and worn out tissue, cleans and tunes up each body system, organ by organ.

The only solution for consistently hitting the moving target of these changing health needs is biocommunication. Only your body can know exactly what it needs at a given time. Only a technology that allows us to communicate directly with your body’s information system can provide you with the direction you need month after month for the rest of your life.

The Solution: Biofield Analysis*

Welcome to biofield analysis. Biofield analysis has its roots in homeopathy, oriental medicine, and biophysics. Each of these fields shares a dynamic understanding of health and reliance on each individual’s unique responses to stimuli and stresses.

Biofield analysis is a functional testing method. It measures the body’s stress responses to a wide range of stimuli. You are undoubtedly already accustomed to physical examination methods that measure levels of substances such as blood tests. These levels are one aspect of what is happening in the human body, but they frequently fail to reflect the most important dynamics of both health and disease processes. For example, a level may be considered normal based on the standard statistical analysis (usually within 2 standard deviations of the mean value for the total population), and yet the individual may require a higher than normal level due to poor utilization.

Functional tests, on the other hand, such as measurement of visual abilities, intelligence, and biofield analysis, measure dynamic responses. These represent the rates at which information, energy, or substance moves from one state to another. Functional blood tests are just beginning to be developed, such as studies of enzyme function in relation to different levels of a vitamin or mineral cofactor.

To know the nature of a system, it is important to know both its rates and levels. Levels and rates represent form and function, respectively. In computer modeling of complex feedback systems, understanding both the rates and levels, as well as the complex causal relationships are the key elements in describing a given system through computer simulation. This then allows the prediction of the future behavior of the system, given a set of therapeutic interventions.

Biofield analysis, through its ability to detect the active processes and their interactions, gives a more comprehensive and integrated view of human physiology. It does not replace the measurement of physical quantities, but merely supplements it with a dynamic understanding of how the body’s own regulatory mechanisms are responding (or not responding) to these substances.

The beauty of biofield analysis is its ability to access the body’s own priorities for response in dealing with internal and environmental stress, deficiency, and toxicity. A full range of natural methods, such as diet, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, essences, color, exercise, and affirmations can easily be tested to find the precise means of effectively and efficiently support the total body system to achieve the next step toward excellence in health and performance.

Achieving Optimum Health

The bio-energy in the body is an extremely subtle and complex system that is directly related to one’s level of health. Healing the body requires sensitivity to the complexities of this life energy system. We need to be aware of the environment in which we live, sleep, eat, and work. Some influences emanate from within us, such as the results of imbalance in the flora and fauna that share our body space, or mercury from dental amalgams. Even though these subtle energy forms seem to change constantly in a unique way for each individual, we are able to identify them and clearly direct our own energetic evolution.

Most often, there is more than a single factor behind a person’s present symptom complex. We each have a long history that has led up to our current patterns. In order to unravel this mystery without actually creating a further risk of damage to already stressed organs, we proceed only as the body's energy system indicates its readiness to receive support, to release toxic burdens, or to be stimulated to regenerate.

Because of the intimate connectivity of our total body’s functions, we always work with the whole person. In this way, from month to month, we are able to supply you with information about your internal process as well as natural remedies or other guidance and support to ensure the most rapid, efficient, and safe process in total self-healing.

Come Home to Health and Harmony

In the past 13+ years that we have been developing this work and applying it consistently, we have experienced an internal blossoming of life on a profound energetic level. We have removed successive layers of impact from our own past as well as our inheritance. We are learning volumes about the subtleties of truth and illusion in the transformative experience of self-healing.

Retracing Our Steps…

Completing Unfinished Business.

To access our total energetic blueprint, we must remove the obstacles to healing. This total self, that we all yearn to experience, carries not only our potential for vibrant health but also illumines our greater purpose in life. As we access the physical energy of our potential, we gain the strength to throw off the layers of toxins and release the various distortions with which we’re burdened. Dissonance is replaced with harmony and we find totally new resources to explore.

Just Say No To Drugs – All Drugs!

In our culture, we have been trained in thousands of ways to reach for the most immediate relief of our symptoms, however ephemeral or superficial. Unfortunately, what we are being sold is typically suppressive or at best substitution for what our bodies should be able to do. We often fight our immune system’s attempt to clean the body by taking such medicine as aspirin and antibiotics.

Disease or Renewal?

The body’s natural healing cycles produce precisely those symptoms which in our culture we label a disease. These classically include the pain, swelling, heat, and redness associated with inflammation, as well as excretory processes, such as mucus, perspiration, and variations in the normal pattern of urination and defecation. Inflammation is the body’s way of locally dissolving, metabolizing, and mobilizing stored toxic substances, while excretions carry wastes out of the body. Even the micro-organisms, such as bacteria, which are associated with this process, are usually helpers in the metabolizing of substances our own enzyme and oxidation systems cannot break down. Diagnosis of cancer and other degenerative diseases often follows a period of so-called “health” in which fewer than normal colds, flu, fevers, and other inflammatory processes are experienced.

Regeneration: A Reality

Once the inflammatory processes dissolve and cleanse the body’s tissues, there is a potent opportunity to regenerate fresh, clean connective tissue that acts as the matrix for every cell in the body. In contrast, an aborted inflammatory process, through the use of suppressive chemical drugs, only further burdens the connective tissue, and ultimately the critical intra-cellular spaces, with a toxic soup of toxins, bacteria, dysfunctional connective tissue components, plus residues of the drugs themselves.

Biofield Analysis

In our testing, one of the most fundamental measures is the toxicity level in the connective tissue throughout the body. By the time most Americans reach adulthood, their scores are between 18 and 21 on a scale of 1 to 21. By contrast, most Europeans we have tested have scored around 13 to 15. In Europe, doctors are more likely to prescribe natural therapies like homeopathy or herbal medicine, and reserve drugs like antibiotics for when they are really needed. Even when drugs are prescribed, the average dosage used is much lower than in the United States. Of course, no matter what score you are at now, you will benefit from a score closer to 1.

Make the Switch to God’s Pharmacy

We can test your body’s response to specific natural remedies for support or stimulation in releasing stress patterns. In this way, you can be assured of taking an individually tailored support program that is periodically adjusted to your changing needs as you evolve and progress in your self-healing. You never have to take something on a trial and error basis, as your body tells us what will be most effective and what it can tolerate.

Ultimately, the purpose of clearing the myriad flows of energy in our bodies is to free us to experience our wholeness and relationship with all life. In this integrated state, we are finally able to express our full potential. With the integrated support of nature and appropriate technology, this is now more accessible than ever before.

Discover Your Natural Resources!

In the beginning, there was ultimate order in the universe. Then came the unfolding of that unified crystalline matrix into the many forms of which we are aware today. Scientists call this process of increasing disorder entropy. It is one of the fundamental concepts of thermodynamics.

However, among the myriad forms to evolve within this vast, all-encompassing universe, are local processes that, like eddies in a stream, travel locally against the flow of the greater context. The process of life is among these counter-currents, which draw upon the energy of the greater flow around them to move as a local phenomenon back toward that original organizing principle.

As a living being interacts with its environment, it is in a continual interchange of matter, energy, and information with that environment. It is an open system. This is why life forms are not required to obey the laws of thermodynamics. Their life processes are primarily self-determined, self-sustaining, and self-reproductive. This might be defined as biological intent, which is the primary design function of the organism.

Looking deeper into the actual design or physiology of life, these processes are a complex interactive network of negative feedback loops. Negative feedback is the basis of homeostasis or the maintenance of the local environment and life processes of the organism in the context of changing patterns in the environment.

The fundamental principle of life, negative feedback, has the property of sustaining dynamic patterns through time. In the analogy of the stream, these are the standing waves that make up the unique pattern of an eddie. We may momentarily perturb this standing wave pattern, say by wading into the stream or throwing a rock in.

When the disturbance ends, however, the original standing wave pattern returns. When the pattern of the kinetic energy of the stream changes as the flow waxes or wanes, the standing waves and even the recognizable pattern of the eddie itself will change.

Still, when the flow returns to normal, so does the pattern of ripples and eddies in the stream. That is unless the floodwaters or some other process have altered the configuration of the stream bed. Only then do we find a fundamental transformation of the stream’s response pattern.

Back to our living system, the stream translates to the fluxes of matter, energy, information, and intent of the biological and non-biological environment. When the environmental stimulus pattern changes, we observe related changes in the functional responses of the organism.

Under extreme conditions, the organism may be barely recognizable if we are only familiar with its appearance under placid conditions. Only if this stress is so extreme as to exceed the flexibility of the organism to maintain its fundamental feedback structure will a change be held by the organism after the stressor is gone.

This change in the physiological response pattern is the process of adaptation. When an organism adapts, it loses some of its prior flexibility through the destruction, blockage, or inhibition of some of its feedback channels.

In the process of adaptation, the organism loses the potential for homeostatic stability in the general sense, although it may gain stability in the presence of the stressor to which it is adapted.

When elements of the system are irreversibly destroyed, this adaptation is irreversible. In most instances, adaptation is potentially reversible through unblocking or disinhibiting the affected physiological pathways.

The process of unblocking body functions may involve a mechanical, chemical, or electrical mechanism, while disinhibition is an electrochemical process, such as in the nervous system or the immune system.

When the adapted organism confronts a new stressor with a magnitude great enough to produce the further adaptation, this new adaptation overlays upon the previous adapted state.

This may be visualized in our stream analogy as successive deposits of sediment in the stream bed. The prior sediment becomes overlain by the new layer. If the original condition of the stream bed is to be accessed once again, first the more recent and then successive layers of preceding sediment must be removed.

Biological systems display a similar sequence of disadaptation. The patterns of functioning evolve in the reverse temporal sequence of that in which the adaptations were acquired.

Stimuli that initiate the release of adaptational patterns must act at the precise level of the maintenance of those patterns. Typical environmental stimulus patterns do not disrupt adaptations, or they would not be held over the life span of the organism.

Stimuli may be of many types, including mechanical, vibrational, electrical, magnetic, energetic, chemical, informational, intent, etc. There is a common final pathway in the mechanism of action for all of the stimuli that effectively release patterns of adaptation. This unifying feature becomes apparent in the physics of such a process.

Of the four fundamental forces in physics, through which all such effects may potentially occur, only electromagnetism offers a sufficient interaction.

The strong and the weak forces of the atomic nucleus act over the minute distances within each atom, and not on the scale of biochemical interactions. The force of gravity, on the other end of the scale, acts over astronomical distances but is so relatively constant over the scale of biological organisms as to be uniform.

The force fields of electromagnetism provide the context for every biological event, from the single-photon of biological energy, which is an electromagnetic quantum, to the overall bio-field of the organism, which alone precisely defines the state of the organism, including its state of adaptation.

There are three primary elements of the bio-field or total biological energy force field. The first is the overall energy level as expressed in the state of ionization or electrical conductivity/resistivity of the various fluid compartments and their constituent flow channels.

The second is the magnetic factor, which can be alternatively expressed as the proton or Hydrogen ion concentration, pH, or acid/alkaline balance.

The third factor, the electrical factor, represents the electron concentration as expressed in the molecular hydrogen potential, rH2, oxidation-reduction potential, or redox status.

These three field components, as distributed throughout the biological system, define the bio-field of the organism. The information content inherent in this bio-field pattern specifies the present state of stability, adaptation, and use of current flexibility ranges across all physiological pathways.

Everything that we know as a material substance, including the human body, is ultimately a symphony of energy fields. Bio-fields, or biological energy fields, are emitted by every part of the body.

From the electromagnetic fields of each cell’s dynamic biochemistry to the fields of each organ and tissue, the body is a constantly changing energy field.

By balancing and repatterning distortions in these bio-fields, you progressively gain access to your optimal health and wellness. Biofields are a unified field of mind, body, and spirit.

What is a Biofield Analysis?

Biofield Balancing begins with an analysis of the body’s energy fields. Stress responses to several thousand different substances may be monitored and analyzed. First, we determine the location, nature, and severity of each stress pattern. Then, we create a comprehensive picture of all the stressed biofields and their inter-relationships.

Having clearly identified the current state of the biofields, we can select and test appropriate Biofield Catalysts for their effects on the key stress patterns. An effective and harmonious combination of Biofield Catalysts is determined by testing the effects of each individual catalyst as well as the combined effects for optimal balance. The Biofield Catalysts release the natural flow of your life energy.

Biofield Catalysts:

Biofield Catalysts cover a broad range of substances, stimuli, and actions that balance bio-fields. You may need essential nutrients, such as clean water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or fatty acids. You might have to supply your digestive system with bulk, enzymes, beneficial flora, or a change in diet.

You may need herbs prepared in a variety of forms, from around the world. Potentized dilutions of mineral, vegetable, and animal substances are often used. Stimuli like color, sound, and magnetic fields are utilized, as well as exercises for the mind and body. The Biofield approach draws on a wide range of support systems to educate and assist you in your process.

Biofield Balancing:

By probing the body’s energy fields, you detect imbalances in your system at the earliest possible time before they become serious. You will discover key environmental and internal stressors and learn what to do about them. You’ll also be empowered to personally overcome patterns of dysfunction.

The status of this biofield and its components may be probed in a variety of ways. Purely physico-chemical measures may be taken of the three-component elements in various physiological fluids.

Purely electrical measurements may be taken of the minute energy field itself. Even bio-photons themselves may be registered by sufficiently sensitive apparatus in research use today. Thermography detects infra-red emission on a broader scale.

Response of the organism to stimuli provides an even more dynamic look at the functional biofield. Energetic stimuli produce measurable changes in electrical impedance at identifiable electrically conductive points on the skin. This is the basis of electro-dermal screening tests.

Both operator-dependent and totally objective methods are in use today. Other functional response testing methods in use involve skeletal, cardiac, or smooth muscle responses, including the pulse and pupillary changes. Electrical biofield components such as EEG, EKG, and EMG are also monitored for the detection of such organismic responses.

Patterned responses of the biofield are in part regulated via such mechanisms as the autonomic nervous system, yet clearly transcend the limitations of any reductionist interpretation.

Ultimately, the biofield can only be defined as the resultant energy field pattern which interpenetrates the organism and its vicinity, and which results from all the constructive and destructive interference of electromagnetic waveforms emanating both from the organism and its total environment.

When we tap into the information content and patterning process of the bio-field, we are touching on the most fundamental and unifying principle in the understanding of the causality of life.

The body is an immensely intelligent system. Balancing allows the body’s biofields to complete their designed functions through cleansing, healing, growth, and regeneration.

Balanced biofields promote wellness and accelerate self-healing at all levels. Personal development blossoms. As your energy system becomes more efficient, you will begin to notice improved performance in learning, at work, and in sports. Ultimately, Biofield Balancing offers an unparalleled opportunity to clean your body, clear your mind, and free your spirit.

What is maladaptation?

Under conditions of chronic or severe stress, the body’s physiological feedback mechanisms which establish the goals of the homeostatic process, undergo alteration. These alterations can affect all body systems with the characteristic of memory.

Affected systems include the nervous system, with conscious and unconscious memory effects (e.g. autonomic nervous system balance), as well as the immune system (e.g. allergy or lowered defense response patterns), and the endocrine system (e.g. imbalanced function of the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, etc.).

One type of stress pattern represents depletion of the ability to respond to stress, while the other type is seen when there is still an ability to counteract and compensate for the effects of stressors. In other words, stress pattern #2 is found when the body’s ability to cope is going downhill, while pattern #1 is found when that ability has hit bottom, for the adaptive response being overtaxed.

What are the five phases?

The five phases represent the five possible biophysical terrains in the living human organism. These will be described in detail in the next section.

Essentially, these are the five steps on the continuum between ideal health and degenerative disease. One of these steps applies to each of our cells at any given point in time, but this is also a dynamic system, so we can move to a different step depending upon how we treat ourselves. Each step can bring us closer to longevity or closer to degeneration.

Thermodynamics of Biological Tissue Fluids:

Scientific Foundation of the Biofield Approach

An objective biological energy measurement technique called Bio-Electronics of Vincent (BEV) has long been known in Europe as the medicine of the future. It is at the scientific foundation of the Biofield approach.

Here is a brief introduction to the science of biological energy and its evolution toward longevity with enhanced quality of life. Portions are excerpted from the book, BioFields: The New Physics of Health, by Dr. Glen Swartwout (© 1991, AERAI).

Life energy is electromagnetic energy. It is the stuff of physics. The First Law of Thermodynamics1 states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, although it can be transformed. Without breaking any of the laws of physics, you can take this biological energy transformation in the direction of health!

An objective scientific system of measuring life energy based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics was developed in France by Vincent. It is called BioElectronics of Vincent, or BEV2 .

The total life energy in a given body fluid or tissue may be quantified by the Nernst equation3 simply by knowing the values of two factors. These are the electrical factor or oxidation-reduction potential and the magnetic factor or acidity.

A third factor, the dielectric factor, electrical conductivity, or total ion concentration provides additional quantification of the energetic state of biological fluids. Now comes the part for your science majors (the rest of you can skim to the next part written in English).

The Nernst Equation, based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, may be written:

E = ( R T ÷ 2 F ) log ( 2 H+ ÷ H2 )

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