Biofield Analysis

Biofield Analysis

Jul 04, 2012


Surrogate Biofield Kinesiology

(photo from early 1990s of Dr. Glen with his 'Health Abacus')

The Science of Life Energy

Originally published in The Hawaii Health & Fitness Guide.

Achieving Optimum Health

The bio-energy in the body is an extremely subtle and complex system that is directly related to one’s level of health. Healing the body requires sensitivity to the complexities of this life energy system. We need to be aware of the environment in which we live, sleep, eat, and work. Some influences emanate from within us, such as the results of imbalance in the flora and fauna that share our body space, or mercury from dental amalgams. Even though these subtle energy forms seem to change constantly in a unique way for each individual, we are able to identify them and clearly direct our own energetic evolution.

Most often, there is more than a single factor behind a person’s present symptom complex. We each have a long history that has led up to our current patterns. In order to unravel this mystery without actually creating a further risk of damage to already stressed organs, we proceed only as the body's energy system indicates its readiness to receive support, to release toxic burdens, or to be stimulated to regenerate.

Because of the intimate connectivity of our total body’s functions, we always work with the whole person. In this way, from month to month, we are able to supply you with information about your internal process as well as natural remedies or other guidance and support to ensure the most rapid, efficient, and safe process in total self-healing.

Come Home to Health and Harmony

In the past 30 years that I have been developing this work and applying it consistently to my own health, I have experienced an internal blossoming on a profound energetic level. I have removed successive layers of impact from my own past as well as my inheritance. I continue learning volumes about the subtleties of truth and illusion in the transformative experience of self-healing and spiritual growth.

Retracing Our Steps, Completing Unfinished Business

To access our total energetic blueprint, we must remove the obstacles to healing. This total self, that we all yearn to experience, carries not only our potential for vibrant health but also illumines our greater purpose in life. As we access the physical energy of our potential, we gain the strength to throw off the layers of toxins and release the various distortions with which we’re burdened. Dissonance is replaced with harmony and we find totally new resources to explore.

Just Say No To Drugs – All Drugs!

In our culture, we have been trained in thousands of ways to reach for the most immediate relief of our symptoms, however ephemeral or superficial. Unfortunately, what we are being sold is typically suppressive or at best substitution for what our bodies should be able to do. We often fight our immune system’s attempt to clean the body by taking such medicine as aspirin and antibiotics.

Disease or Renewal?

The body’s natural healing cycles produce precisely those symptoms which in our culture we label a disease. These classically include the pain, swelling, heat, and redness associated with inflammation, as well as excretory processes, such as mucus, perspiration, and variations in the normal pattern of urination and defecation.

Inflammation is the body’s way of locally dissolving, metabolizing, and mobilizing stored toxic substances, while excretions carry wastes out of the body. Even the micro-organisms, such as bacteria, which are associated with this process, are usually helpers in the metabolizing of substances our own enzyme and oxidation systems cannot break down. Diagnosis of cancer and other degenerative diseases often follows a period of so-called “health” in which fewer than normal colds, flu, fevers, and other inflammatory processes are experienced.

Regeneration: A Reality

Once the inflammatory processes dissolve and cleanse the body’s tissues, there is a potent opportunity to regenerate fresh, clean connective tissue that acts as the matrix for every cell in the body. In contrast, an aborted inflammatory process, through the use of suppressive chemical drugs, only further burdens the connective tissue, and ultimately the critical intra-cellular spaces, with a toxic soup of toxins, bacteria, dysfunctional connective tissue components, plus residues of the drugs themselves.

Biofield Analysis

In our testing, one of the most fundamental measures is the toxicity level in the connective tissue throughout the body. By the time most Americans reach adulthood, their scores are between 18 and 21 on a scale of 1 to 21. By contrast, most Europeans we have tested have scored around 13 to 15. In Europe, doctors are more likely to prescribe natural therapies like homeopathy or herbal medicine, and reserve drugs like antibiotics for when they are really needed. Even when drugs are prescribed, the average dosage used is much lower than in the United States. Of course, no matter what score you are at now, you will benefit from a score closer to 1.

Make the Switch to God’s Pharmacy

We can test your body’s response to specific natural remedies for support or stimulation in releasing stress patterns. In this way, you can be assured of taking an individually tailored support program that is periodically adjusted to your changing needs as you evolve and progress in your self-healing. You never have to take something on a trial and error basis, as your body tells us what will be most effective and what it can tolerate.

Ultimately, the purpose of clearing the myriad flows of energy in our bodies is to free us to experience our wholeness and relationship with all life. In this integrated state, we are finally able to express our full potential. With the integrated support of nature and appropriate technology, this is now more accessible than ever before.

Discover Your Natural Resources!

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Biofield Basics

The following is a reprint of a pamphlet written many years ago about Biofield Analysis, a systematic approach I developed to support and document increased coherence in the human energy field using natural medicines, based on diagnostic German Electro-Acupuncture modalities. I chose the term Biofield because the National Institutes of Health prefers that term for reference to the biological energy field.

Welcome Home to Natural Medicine… 

The Hawai’i Center for Natural Medicine is a health oasis on the island of Hawai’i, the most active volcano on earth. The largest landmass on our planet, this massive shield volcano is the largest energy accumulator on earth. We believe this is why Hawai’i has become known as the healing island. Health solutions from the island are energized by this natural process. Perhaps each time you take one, you will almost feel yourself relaxing under the palms to the sound of the waves. Better still, come and visit…The Center was founded in 1989 by Glen Swartwout, A.B., B.D., O.D., and Jacquelyn Carson, N.D. Dr. Swartwout holds degrees in vision science, natural medicine, environmental sciences, and divinity, as well as fellowships in light and nutrition therapies. He has published books on numerous health topics including Electromagnetic Pollution, Natural Eye Care, Alternative Medicine, and Bio-communication. Using the Center’s methods, both Dr. Swartwout & Dr. Carson have overcome their own personal health challenges. ”The exact day of my first session, the ringing in my ear

stopped for the first time in years.”- Sandra Hayner, New York

Optimizing Life Energy 

Chemistry is the substance of life. Energy is life’s essence, and the difference between life and death, health and disease. When coherent energy fields of the heart (EKG) and brain (EEG) go flat, the body is pronounced dead. The spirit, a coherent and conscious bio-photon energy field, is freed to move in the direction of the choices that shaped it during life.

The life of a cell 

When the cell membrane’s potential drops below the level needed to sustain life, the moment of cell death is marked by a similar release of coherent bio-photon energy. This communication signals other cells of the need to respond to the loss of a particular type of cell as well as the causes of its demise.

The 5 Phases 

A cell on death’s door goes through 5 distinct phases during the process of restoring radiant health.

In phase 1, the cell cleans house, restoring order and function to the communication system (DNA) and the power system (mitochondria).

In phase 2, the cell makes the necessary repairs to enzymes and cellular structures.

Phase 3 marks cellular regeneration, two healthy cells from one.

In phase 4, the connective tissue environment of every cell is restored, becoming a clear channel for communication and nutrition.

Phase 5 represents ongoing life functions and challenges.


Bio-communication and non-local healing effects have been documented by modern double-blind research. New understandings on the cutting edge of biophysics show how these remarkable forms of healing work, and why the 20th-century mind was blinded to their reality. Perhaps the most intricate mathematical model of physics is a series of about 200 equations formulated by Maxwell.

Maxwell’s mathematics described the universe as having four simultaneous dimensions. Physicists who followed simplified Maxwell’s system into just a few equations by assuming the fourth dimension to be constant.

We are all familiar with the three dimensions of space. They are the obvious vectors of height, breadth, and depth which we can easily observe and measure.

The fourth spatial dimension has a scalar or information function. It is the physical foundation of bio-communication and its essence is meaning itself. This is resonance, the relationship, the volition, the living energy of existence.

We now know that instantaneous energy and information transfer is possible by way of Whittaker channels corresponding to resonant states of distant (non-local) individuals.

Research on non-local causality has proven the effectiveness of prayer and healing intention.

BIOFIELD-ANALYSIS applies non-local physics to computer-assisted real-time dynamic bio-communication. The medicine of the future is here now.

We want to make your health enhancement experience with the Hawai’i Center for Natural Medicine as pleasant and gentle a journey as possible. Of necessity, there do come times in the course of cleansing and regenerating body tissues that those very tissues go through some temporary alterations before they are able to complete functional restoration. This is like when they are improving the roads in your area.

In order to repair the worn and dangerous areas to make your travel safe and smooth, they sometimes close down a lane to dig out the old, damaged pavement, so they can lay a strong fresh foundation for the highway. Your body is very similar.

Your immune system will produce inflammation to dissolve damaged connective tissue in any area that is a priority for its present traffic flow. This can result in some temporary traffic jams, so be prepared to relax, rest, drink antioxidant water, take your natural health solutions and do a daily health bounce on your soft bounce rebounder. You simply need to allow yourself the freedom to repair and restore yourself.

If you haven’t had a fever in 20 years, be thankful when you experience one again. In over 3,000 documented cases of complete spontaneous remission of disease, fever is always present. This is one of your body’s ways of restoring health. An attitude of gratitude for your body’s ability to heal itself will help to make your journey a meaningful and even joyful one. Life is a blessing and a gift. Treat yours with honor and respect. Nurture all that is good.

Help yourself to health.

The Five Phases of Health

What Phase are you in?

Specific stresses are associated with the 5 phases of health.

Phase 5 is affected by:

• life stresses

• functional imbalances

• hormones & vitamins

In phase 4, we react to:

• minerals and pH

• allergens & toxins

• relative deficiencies

Phase 3 deals with:

• carbohydrate & sugar

• fungi (e.g. Candida)

• depleted metabolism

Phase 2 relates to:

• amino acids/enzymes

• bacteria & parasites

• aging

Phase 1 is terrain for:

• fats/oils & oxidation

• viruses

• degeneration


The Hawai’i Center for Natural Medicine’s BIOFIELD-ANALYSIS health program is engineered to become a simple addition to your lifestyle that makes all the difference in the world in your future health, quality of life, and longevity. That is our purpose. Our vision is that such a lifestyle may be shared by those who wish for better health. We believe that this is possible and we act accordingly.

As you experience a difference over the coming months and years, we know that you will deepen your appreciation of our mission. We look forward to sharing the joys and sorrows, the frustrations and the triumphs with you as a member of our BIOFIELD-ANALYSIS family.

You are busy with your life. We strive to keep your work simple and still get the job done. You will be invited to follow one simple step at a time, and you will know which step to take next. In that light, here is an overview of what is ahead:

1. Return your completed form to launch your program. This activates your personal database.

2. Follow your BIOFIELD-ANALYSIS program. Your recommendations are prioritized so you know what step to take next.

3. You will receive updated instructions each month to take your health to the next level.

Each month you will receive information based on a series of remote energetic scans using the Center’s bio-communication techniques.

Questions & Answers 

Question: Can I participate if I now have a health condition?

Answer: We are here for the enhancement of your health. The more you need the benefits of our support, the more we desire to be of service.

Question: Will my health really improve?

Answer: We have observed many healings during our decades of research.

If cancer can disappear in 48 hours by a well-documented process of spontaneous remission, then what health concern is immutable?

We have seen prolapsed mitral valves mend, retinas repair, joints regenerate, brain tumors dissolve, MS lesions disappear on MRI and warts fall off in a day.

The miracle of healing is the miracle of life itself. The only magic of our health approach is in the understanding of, sensitivity to, and interaction with your life process.

Your body can heal itself. Cut your skin open and new tissue fills the gap. Even your fingerprint is restored.

We have also learned that the healing process can take time. The little health-related actions that you choose daily build your future. Months and years from now, all those little things will make a big difference.

Fortunately, the healing process has common patterns that we all share. This makes your journey less frightening and isolating. It gives you the strength, courage, and conviction to continue on your healing path.

Our research has identified 5 distinct Phases in your body’s healing process as described by Dr. Swartwout in the audiotape “The 5 Phases of Health”.

Phase 1 

Your body knew how to grow >from one cell to many. One problem comes when part of your body forgets it did that. This means it is not seeing the state of the development of the surrounding cells. It is lost in time and space.

Your cell’s vision is clouded by layers of debris: trash that was never removed from your tissues. In such a darkened state, your cell does what is normal…it expresses the functions of a lone, undifferentiated cell…it grows. This is cancer.

Or sometimes, a part of your body is injured, but it doesn’t have access to the right materials to repair the damage. This damage then continues to put a strain on neighboring cells. This is a degenerative disease.

Sometimes, some cells are so low on water or gummed up in their mitochondria power plants that their energy shields are down. This allows toxic strands of RNA or DNA to penetrate your cellular defense system. This is a viral infection.

Phase 2 

When there are lots of organic compounds left floating around between your cells, not fully broken down and eliminated, these can supply a growth medium for organisms that are normally present in small numbers.

Encouraged to grow and establish thriving communities in your body, these become bacterial or parasitic conditions.

Phase 3 

Your body is constantly turning over old cells, replacing them with new ones in most tissues. When your body is unable to clear out all the old dead cells from an area, there is dead matter for fungus to grow on.

Phase 4 

When your body finds foreign matter clogging up a high traffic zone, it makes an attempt to remove it or break it down on the spot. This is the inflammatory response to a toxin or allergen.

Phase 5 

The normal response to life stress is to adjust oneself to decrease stress. Sometimes, however, stress is so strong or persists so long, that your self-adjusting systems become overloaded. They give way under the strain and adapt to some new mode of operation that is outside their optimal functional parameters.

This is a lasting state of distress that must be released in order to move on with life and regain the full flexibility and enjoyment we are capable of.

The 5 Phases are a map of the terrain over which you explore your unique individual health journey. Having a map helps. It is useful, especially when you encounter rough terrain. You will find it helpful and important to recognize and acknowledge the direction you are headed.

If you have a fever of 104˚ and your bowels are not moving, you are headed down a dark path. But if you have a fever of 104˚ and you are at risk for cancer, you may be emerging from a black hole into the light of health.

Recognizing a healing crisis or cleansing reaction is truly healing in itself. It will inspire you to relax and nurture yourself, so you can complete the healing process.

The content of your health journey may seem complex, but the process is always simple. Take one step at a time with your eyes on the goal.

The only way you will ever know what is possible is to first strive to achieve it. Act without hesitation or doubt, knowing that as you perfect your intention through action, you will know. Knowledge comes after action not before. And wisdom follows thereafter.

Persevere with patient persistence, or as Winston Churchill instructed a graduating class at Oxford, and this was his complete speech: “Never…give…up…”

Health Alert

Consult with your prescribing physician before changing any prescribed treatment.

Some medications, such as certain steroids, cannot be safely eliminated without gently tapering dosages because of your body’s dependence on their presence in your system and the need to reactivate your body’s own glandular production systems.

Other treatments, such as with antimicrobials, are best completed once begun, as discontinuation part way through a course of therapy can leave the strongest organisms to re-establish themselves.

BIOFIELD-ANALYSIS is an educational program designed to help you work with your primary care practitioner to achieve better health.

The history of public health shows that the education of the consumer is the one factor that has resulted in significant improvement in health care.

We do not treat or prevent disease. We believe that is your body’s job. It is our intention that your body is supported, strengthened, and stimulated to heal and cure itself.

To that end, we are dedicated to educating you about your unique body and your health options. Informing us about your health needs helps us teach you better.