Clinical Theory Course

Clinical Theory Course

Jul 11, 2021

The Clinical Theory of Everything...

Does this course give me a practitioner certificate? 

Certification is available for those electing that level of participation and paying the associated costs. The costs can be offset by referrals of paying participants. Certification is also available as a later upgrade for all students by paying the associated fee and completing the requirements.

Practitioner of what? 

Certification available in this course is in the Clinical Theory of Everything. It means you are able to bring the broadest possible and most integrated possible perspective to bear on whatever it is you do. The individual might be a dental surgeon, a chiropractic physician, a counselor, a health educator, a coach, etc.

What will I be able to do when I’m done? 

The successful student will be able to understand the function and interrelationship of the body, mind, and spirit. You will be able to visualize and connect with the fundamental functional patterns of Regulation, the embryological tissue layer Systems, the biophysical terrains of the 5 Phases of Health model, and the 9 modes of spiritual function and development. The successful graduate will be able to apply these fundamental concepts in guiding problem-solving in any area of endeavor, from self-healing to worldly success in the manifestation of the divine will.

What are the outcomes for the students? 

Students will engage in reflection and contemplation of each topic. They will write and use multimedia to actively communicate their learning process into their spheres of influence and connection. They will apply the concepts both conceptually and through action to their own lives and to the challenges they see others facing in their social environment.

What are the benefits to me, in simple terms so that people understand why to sign up? 

The benefits include:

  • understanding how things work, including the body, mind, spirit, relationship, spirituality, and manifestation
  • more efficient problem-solving in all areas of life
  • a renewed or expanded sense of purpose and confidence
  • enhanced relationships and worldly ease and success

Does it give me a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology?

Yes. You will begin to understand the interwoven (sentient, fractal, holographic) relationship of the various scales of view in physics, chemistry, physiology, histology, biology, anatomy, psychology, spirituality, and cosmology.

Will I deepen my understanding of how the body works? 

Yes. And you will begin to see how the working body is essential for housing the holy grail of the immortal spirit body, which in turn serves as the vessel for the conscious, sentient function of the soul.

How does the universe works (relative to our lives as individuals and the whole human race, other species, and Gaia)?

Yes. The fractal relationships present across the full range of scales will be a theme throughout the course.

Can I test someone? 

This course is designed to set the stage for testing. Testing, or biocommunication methods, both subtle and technical, will be the focus of the second course in this series. The third will focus on healing methods.

That said, we all test ourselves and each other. We make observations, evaluations, judgments, and conclusions. We develop notions, hypotheses, and theories. Some of us have developed particular gifts of clarity through one or more of our sensory or cognitive channels. This course will facilitate that which is already developed.

Some participants in this course will also elect to come to Hawaii during the course for a week of intensive hands-on training in testing methods, as well as to experience a range of healing modalities and experiences. This laboratory experience is not included in the tuition for the course. The one-week training will be sufficient for successful participants to achieve certification in some form of biocommunication methodology. They would thus be able to claim certification in these methods of analysis 6 to 12 months earlier than those doing internet-based home study route. There will likely be a hands-on requirement in addition to home study for the biocommunication course, which would be fulfilled by the week in Hawaii. For those successfully completing the hands-on laboratory practicum, there would be a level of certification in the application of a particular method or methods of biocommunication, while they would still want to complete the 6-month training in the broad scope of theory and methods.

Will I understand how to help myself and others get well? 

Yes. You will gain a tremendous amount of insight and understanding that will facilitate healing for yourself and others.

Will I better understand how to take care of myself and others? 

Yes. That better understanding alone often facilitates the actual physical healing process. Imagine going through a kidney-related healing crisis not knowing if it is a healing or disease process. The worry and fear about the outcome make the process much more painful and fearful. This can compound into panic proportions due to the inherent positive feedback loop created between the tentatively healing body and the uncertain mind. Physical pain for example can reduce many-fold when the mind expands to include and accept it versus contracting to escape it.

Will I be able to self-test? 

For those who are already explicitly self-testing, this course will help fill in gaps in your mental road map that you might otherwise miss.

Will I understand the causes of illness and health?

Yes. You will begin to understand the multicausal and layered nature of causality. You will also be introduced to the transcendent uni-causal, or reverse-time perspective. Multiple understandings of causality can be synthesized into a simultaneous intuitive acceptance of the grand design in which we live. Flexibility in perspective-taking will help you tremendously when seeking fresh approaches to a challenging clinical situation. When answers are not flowing, I often stop and ask, “What am I not thinking of?”

Would I be able to tune in and troubleshoot my own or another person’s situation when doctors are saying there is nothing they can do?

Certainly, this course will increase your capacity in that realm.

Where is the better information online? Does it give me access to files on topics of health?

Another element to this project (Mentorship University) is the intent to produce an App with database-driven support for our students and practitioners. In the meantime, there is professional software that I helped to develop years ago that is now available for free. I will set up a funnel to give it away free to those who are interested in the course.

Do I learn the basics of nutrition, advanced nutrition? 

While there will certainly be some nutritional knowledge referenced and advanced in this theory course, the bulk of that topic would fall in the third course on healing modalities.

I’ve read a lot of books and most of them have a differing opinion on what I should eat and take so it’s confusing. And I’m reasonably well-read because this topic interests me but my understanding has huge holes in it. Will I fill in some of the holes in my understanding of life, the body, the environment, toxicity, health, the stars, the Universe, the multi-verse, the necessity of inter-dimensional healing, address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies?

Yes. <[;-{>

How it all fits together to help someone heal? The gestalt of health and spirituality and happiness? And physical happiness? I would say that my body has been holding back my spirit for a while. My spirit is now happy but with a body that can’t get up, it's hard to express that in service. 

This is precisely why this new approach to our healing is essential. The body’s healing is important because a healthy vessel frees the soul to navigate, learn and grow. Suppressive and invasive ‘fixes’ do the opposite. They constrain the vital force to stop producing ‘undesirable symptoms or measurements’ without regard to the effect on the soul. One study in England asked patients, families, and community members to assess the changes associated with anti-hypertensive medication. While all the physicians agreed the patients were healthier (i.e. lower numbers on blood pressure) everyone else was certain that the patients were less energetic and less healthy. We can bring blood pressure down by healing the kidneys or by poisoning the heart. You choose. When women stopped going to hospitals to give birth, a new generation of physicians began accepting Semelweiss’ theory that germs were being transferred from the morgue to the operatory by not washing hands. It is our consciousness as consumers that determines the evolution of the medical practice. It has always been so.

The safety of herbs? I have read misleading info for years about not taking too many herbs. Until recently when I started taking 4x the amount I was taking, I wasn’t kicking. Nor was I aware there were 2 unaddressed layers. 

Whatever the safety of herbs, and it varies tremendously, with some only safe at homeopathic potencies like 12X, which on a chemical basis is one part per trillion, our genetics have lived symbiotically with those beings throughout time. What is the genetic argument for healing with a synthetic compound that never existed until our own lifetime?

What is a biofilm?

A biofilm is a matrix produced by a microbe. It is like their connective tissue which protects and secures their living terrain. It tends to resist change, so strong proteolytic enzymes may help digest the protein component of it.

What to do when you are all alone, lonely, sick, scared? Many are. And they have been to doctors and given no hope. They have been all over the internet and the info is so confusing. What to do when you have exhausted your resources and you are concerned you will burn out your helpful friends? What to eat when you can’t even cook? What are the most basic things to do to get well? The effect of fear, not being heard, not knowing what to do, worry, fears it will get worse, cancer, no answers anywhere, the self-created anxiety, the stress of going to another doctor appointment, the financial burden, lack of support, panic, pain, death sentences from the doctor on the ecosystem of the body?

All of these issues raise the issue of consciousness, the spirit. This is why the final 40% of the course addresses in sequential detail the sensory/emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual functions of the body-mind-spirit complex.

Your wp site with the sidebar with things like a shopping list for candida is stellar. Practical hands-on, mixed with great understanding and a little more science. That is the stage most people need. That stuff is as good as it gets anywhere on the internet.

I envision that kind of format in the App.

Will I get a clue what m-state minerals are? Develop any connection to my guides and angels and my intuition? 

You will definitely be introduced to M-state minerals (ORMUS) and the concept of condensates. This will of course be further presented in the course on remedies and healing methods. I call them Spirit Minerals as well, and they are the common substrate of your spirit and that of your guides and guardians. I see your dominant guardian angel as your Future Self, here at your invitation, perceiving in reverse time, and thus bringing foresight and aiding intuition. The Egyptians saw our true selves as coming from the future. I will undoubtedly speak to their view at times, as well as the Greek view that vision is an outward ray from the eye. Much ancient wisdom can seem just ‘dumb’ to the modern mind until we add the ‘wise’ prefix.

What about viruses and bacteria? What to do when you get a cold? When the body has mucus what is going on?

Viruses can reach the cell membrane in Phase 1 Terrain. A cold is an opportunity for the immune system to clean house generally in the affected tissue. Those who are surprised by cancer usually go decades without a cold or fever before being diagnosed. This is due to insufficient energy to mount an immune response.

What if there was a widespread pandemic and the news was scaring the crap out of everyone and people around are sick? Would it help us to know what to do?

Run the other way. During most 19th century pandemics, survival rates were very high at homeopathic hospitals. Most pandemics have a characteristic remedy, so make friends with knowledgable classical homeopaths. Homeopathic vaccination can also be a good preparation without being toxic or invasive. Homeopathic preparations of disease vectors such as a virus stimulate an immune response at non-toxic doses and can be administered orally. Technically it is called isopathy, as it uses a stimulus of the stressor to reduce disease from the same stressor.

Will we be better able to educate our clientele regarding health and wellness?

Exactly. You can help them navigate the maze, and make better choices for themselves and their families. Eventually, the commercial systems will adapt to serve people where we take our feet. That is democracy in commerce. Ultimately, the mob rules.

How to detoxify myself?

A little at a time is usually best. We give no medals for heroic detoxification efforts, and people can be harmed by them. The most dangerous are longer fasts without protein. Protein sparing is crucial when fasting. Protein sparing means taking in enough protein during fasting so the body does not break down its own proteins such as muscle and enzymes to provide the amino acids it needs.

I am very fond of support with a broad spectrum of readily bioavailable nutrients like One Step. It supports not only cleansing of the digestive tract but also cellular cleansing. And at the same time, the digestive and cellular enzymes can be rebuilt by the ready-to-absorb and utilize amino acids and small polypeptides.

What to do if you can’t stop? If you have to keep working? 

We do what we can and progress to doing better over time. We are kind to ourselves in the process. We choose to continue to explore the healthier, more natural, non-toxic options until we can rely on them completely.

Many counselor types such as myself, understand the psyche. We help the emotional/ mental body. We don’t know what to do about the physical. I see people going to a medical intuitive who has a little understanding and maybe give them an essence. (I did) They leave wondering… That’s not it. They go to an herbalist who gives them some corn silk and that’s not enough… We get how to help people heal the traumas that shaped them, but we don’t know who to help the body.

Does this get us there? Or does it get us partway there?

Where we are going is infinite, so this gets us oriented on our journey there. It facilitates our navigation.

Vocabulary on the list is beyond me. But if you give a basic overview including some of the things above, it may not matter, because then I can be curious about what’s there.

The list currently is just a topic outline using the terms as will be defined in the course. I.e. it’s not you! I am producing a series of podcasts on Daily Apple introducing each topic in turn. Subscribe for free to the TV or Radio version (or both).

At the University level, they require us to write 3-5% passive sentences maximum, 6th to 8th-grade reading level, and a readability score of at least 60%. 

Thank you. I know I need to work consciously on communicating in ways that help my audience understand. That will be a primary mission for me in this course. That said, my mission is to lift students up, not dumb down the teaching to the level of modern compulsory education. As Einstein said, “Make it as simple as possible, no simpler.” I pray that there will be students in the mix who can help me bridge the gap as well. They will be highly valued in the community. Visual aids will certainly play an important role. I also hope to have enough students that we can fund some good graphic productions.

The web page of course notes:

Passive 23% (needs more call to action)

Reading ease 47.5 (target level?; explain big words)

Flesch Kincaid Grade Level 10.9

The Grade level to my thinking is reasonable. The Universities I write courses for would make you take that down three grade levels before they would host it. That said, that means, most people read at the sad grade level of 6th grade. (TV is aimed at 2nd-grade level comprehension) To simplify reading ease and grade level, you explain big words. You write in short concise sentences. Paragraphs are shortened to 4 to 6 (no more) sentences per paragraph. 

The Flesch Kincaid Grade Level of this Q & A series is 8.5. I appreciate any further monitoring and feedback you might do. This is super helpful! Thanks.

Passive 44.7%

Reading Ease 58.2

I know I need to define vocabulary terms and compile them in a Glossary as we go along. That will be a useful addition to the App, as well. I will not just use conventional definitions but give them my Clinical Theory context and spin.

Ok, the payment plans need a basic explanation. I don’t understand the charts. Are they 3 programs? Is it one program with 3 parts?

There are two levels of participation in the didactic portion of the course: Self-Healing only (Student) and Certification (Practitioner). Students can upgrade to practitioner track later by completing the relevant requirements and paying the additional fees. This allows some to study now at a lower cost and get certified later when they are in a better financial position.

Since most prospective students are also seeking accelerated self-healing personally, there are now 3 levels of self-healing participation at different price points. Any of the 3 levels serve sufficiently as a practical laboratory experience in order to support the didactic portion of the course.

The referral structure needs a basic explanation. 

In order to reduce students’ costs and build their practice development skills, all students are eligible to benefit from referrals. Credit points for referring paid students can pay for tuition in this course, future courses, and other training opportunities such as the 1-week internship in Hawaii to learn biocommunication methods. The chart shows the number of paying referrals (not counting students on scholarships) needed in order to earn free tuition for each program.

Is the Hawaii trip included in the 5K package or is that a fee on top of the package? Do we go at once for group instruction? Individual instruction? Health camp? What are we going there for? Do we work with you – doing what? Studying, detoxifying? 

The 1-week training option in Hawaii is not included in any of the monthly fees. What is included in the higher-level healing programs is the personal remedy programs (up to a certain cost limit).

The Hawaii training is centered on learning to test. The second benefit is the opportunity to engage in a range of healing modalities according to needs and interests. This could definitely include forms of detoxification. This can serve well as experiential learning for the 3rd course in the series. The number of participants will be very small, allowing for small group instruction as well as one-on-one attention to the development of testing skills.