Jul 11, 2021

The TRUTH is, we are all one family… and We Love Us!


Betroth means to enter an agreement to marry or join in holy union. The truth is that we are created to be in communion with our fractal source by our nature. All that may be lacking is our agreement! We are the cells in God’s body… and like the cells in our own biological bodies lack communication of identity, nutrition, and cleansing, we experience degeneration of functionality in that tissue.

Seven is the number of blessing. To seven oneself is to bless oneself. In the seven days of the creation account, God sevened himself. Modern mathematical interpretations of the creation from the divine perspective agree with the seven-day view from the creator’s viewpoint, including the timing of various biological creatures appearing in the fossil record as we interpret it from our side of the time equation. The seven sacraments are outward signs of our choice of agreement with the divine plan for our destiny.

Initiation of the Communion:

Seven Sacraments Altarpiece

Seven Sacraments Altarpiece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sacrament of baptism follows and affirms, either directly or by authority of parenthood or guardianship, the soul’s participation in the truth of the biological baptism we have each gone through with the breaking of the waters of life, in which the membrane of the amniotic sac ruptures either before, during, or occasionally after birth. Children born within an intact amniotic sac are thought in some cultures to be destined to be healers. Baptism is an anointing with water, also called a

Christening. Christ means anointed. In order to fulfill all righteousness, for Jesus to be King of Israel, he was also anointed head to toe with the oil of Kanebosem, Myrrh, and Cinnamon (in olive oil) described in Exodus, after which he spent 40 days in the desert receiving visions.

The sacrament of confirmation applies when the viable soul has developed the maturity to a level of reason or sentience and positively affirms the union of divine love with the source as a voluntary act of the will.

The sacrament of the eucharist reveals the mystical truth that as spirits, we do not live on earthly food alone, but on the Word of God. When Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his apostles at the last supper, he said “this is my body” and “this is my blood.” When God uses a pronoun such as “this” He is referring to all the infinite possible meanings and their unique individual nuances. This revelation of the Truth was quite difficult for many followers at the time, and many even left to try and integrate the apparent cannibalistic reference. While the sacramental use of bread and wine traces back to the priest-king Melchizedek (meaning “My King Righteous”), Jesus revealed the truth that we live in God, that every food we eat is God’s body, and every drink is God’s blood, though the act of priestly consecration confers a special type of presence, in which in some cases the transubstantiation of the wheat or wine actually transforms visibly to our senses, a non-local presence of our Lord’s type AB blood or heart tissue, showing that He is indeed present there, in body, blood, soul, and divinity.

Healing as a Reunion:

Spiritual healing and growth is the focus of the sacrament of reconciliation, or confession and penance. When we speak the truth, we free ourselves. Too often we live mired in a culture where all around us there is pretense. We pretend even to ourselves that what is so is not. Forgiveness allows us to forget, and move forward. Otherwise, we continue to live life knee-deep in the muck of our own judgments. This is why we say “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Our judgment is of our own making, day by day. And the truth can set us free…

The sacrament of healing of the sick uses the holy anointing oil and is often used to assist in the spiritual transition of leaving the biological body behind when the time comes for our rebirth into the life after this one. We now know that not only are we are made in God’s image, which corresponds to the modern interpretation of the physics of this creation using the technological metaphor or parable of the hologram but that indeed this biological body has the potential to regenerate perfectly from the image it has impressed upon our soul. This was seen in the laboratory when DNA in a glass tube was irradiated with lasers forming a holographic image of the DNA stored in the glass vessel. Later, the image alone was effective at completely regenerating the DNA structure and exact sequence of nucleotide bases in the presence of those building blocks. The miracles of this life are our opportunities to observe the fullness of science… science with soul, the science of the spirit, the science of God.

Consummation of the Union:

The sacrament of marriage is intended to precede with conscious intent, the biological marriage of sexual intercourse, which also is the essential consummation of the act of the will to join in the union of matrimony as one flesh. While the primary biological function of this sacrament of sexual love is the fractal reproduction of ourselves as a couple, a crucial spiritual function is the facilitation of the partial union of the two spirits, leading to stable bonding as mates. This effect occurs with a frequency of intercourse over twice a week. When planning a family in times of constraint such as these, natural family planning becomes a help to maintaining the sexual bond between a couple even when avoiding pregnancy for a time.

The sacrament of holy orders is the conscious marriage of the soul to our source, which reinforces the natural function of the conscious spirit as a cell in God’s body. The Christiascelli movement is about the opportunity each one of us has, each in our own unique and complementary ways, to join in this holy sacramental union with the divine, whether we are raising a family or dedicated to a life of service as a Brother or Sister. In either case, we are fulfilling the role of selfless service, whether it is to a newborn or to an elderly shut-in… feeding the hungry, or helping the overfed and undernourished of our age learn how to grow nutritious food from the earth on the fallow farmlands of the Church (still the #2 landholder on the planet, now exceeded by MacDonald’s Corporation)… visiting those imprisoned in this most imprisoned nation in history, or spending quality time reading the life of a saint as a model for a child to grow by…

Goodbye (a contraction of “God be with you”) for now my beloveds…