Jul 11, 2021

Welcome to the inner sanctum of my mind. As the character of C.S. Lewis says in the movie Shadowlands, “We write to know we are not alone.”

Since all I can ever know, contemplate or experience is how these diverse phenomena of sense and emotion, ideation and expression, manifest in my own perception, I shall make my best effort here to share with you my quest for inner unity and coherence in this life.

Our true Big Brother’s dear cousin, the beloved apostle John began writing at the distant inception of a prior Millenium, with these theological words “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, and “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”

Our Creator reveals to us the nature of this existence and this experience at every turn. Wherever we turn, if we seek the truth, it will be revealed to us, and the same Truth, in the great and the small alike. We may never know the fullness and infinite depth of our source, but surely we have inherited these gifts of sentience and grace sufficient to know in degrees.

Ultimately, we are Kings and Queens of the angelic nature of the flesh and blood over which we reign for a time in this earthly life. In this, we are virtually sovereign, self-governing, physiological, and yet also subject to limitation by the conditions within, around us, and sometimes beyond the scope of our imaginings. And so as the Bard wrote, we also “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

At the end, where our sovereignty ends, our real fortune only begins. We are brothers and sisters, members of The Royalty Of The Heavens, with our Brother, the King of Kings.

The challenges we face in this life, in this earthly womb of the heavens, are the strikes that impress upon our immortal nature the call to develop our gifts in order to overcome those challenges. Even when amidst the trials of this life we heal some fundamental impediment to health and wholeness, the special gifts, the superheroic powers we have learned, remain. And in quiet times, when we listen for the gentle and familiar voice of the divine, when we hear our calling, it is to give our gifts. We give of our abundance, because we, in our capacity to overcome adversity, develop virtue, a pearl of great value in the cosmic economy.

It is with such humble brush strokes, our lives and times, crooked lines though we are, along with all the angels through whom, being the manifesting thoughts of our one source, we are served and made, that God draws straight the ways of the Heavens, assuring our destiny from before and beyond these apparent limits and separations of this temporal sphere.

With the words that follow, our minds will frolick upon the summer lightness of life’s ground and breathe deep amidst the crisp freshness of the vaulting darkness of our inky imaginings, securing fast our wills against the brooding tempest that occasions those dark nights of our souls, come they must, on this sojourn of the just.

Seek, and ye shall find. The Truth will set you free!

Dr. Glen